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Hi everyone. Has anyone heard of American Mobile. The rep. has been calling me. Can you tell me about their reputaion, pay, etc. Thanks :) Jaycrue :cool:... Read More

  1. by   an6el177
    Thanks NedRN and jay.td for your info!

    NedRN, yes, the contract is 36hrs/wk. I'm currently on a month to month lease for the duration of the 13 wk assignment. I've already moved and signed the contract so its finalized. I was working w/ Nightingale Nurses who was also working on getting me a contract at the same hospital. (Weird how so many agencies can be competing for the same hospitals!) However, in the end, AMN got me an interview even before my license was endorsed in MI.

    Jay.td, I already expected to be making less in MI than in CA. This is definitely a lifestyle choice as my fiance is in MI and I thought I'd start working in MI as a travel RN while applying for something permanent. With that said, anyone know what the job market is like in the Detroit Metro area in the ED??
  2. by   rowena11
    I am also seeking a travel position and doing some researches, can you send me the info on the agency you are now with.

    Thanks much!!!!!