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  1. Hi folks

    I'm on my second travel assignment and I travel alone. Since I do have a little free time I want to participate in activities but it sometimes seems overwhelming. What do you guys normally do for fun? Do you meet other travelers and hang out?

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  3. by   debbbsRN
    In the same boat here, I am travelling on my own....havent started work yet so really havent had the opportunity to meet travellers at the same facility. Met a couple people at the apartment building...otherwise just touring around the city some. Any one else in the New Orleans area?
  4. by   Diary/Dairy
    I am in Seattle in anyone wants to do something!!
  5. by   bagladyrn
    Over time you will become more comfortable doing things on your own. I go to just about any kind of event that interests me in the area. Concerts, shows, etc. can be enjoyed solo, and you frequently can get great seats for these even at the last minute because there is almost always a single seat left between groups. Flea markets and weekend festivals are fun even alone.
    If you ask your coworkers what to do in the area you can follow up suggestions with "That sounds like fun - would you like to join me in doing that?". Find a local cafe and hang out there regularly and you will get to know the locals - especially if you are friendly with the wait staff. When in Nevada I started going down to a local casino late at night on my nights off since as a night shifter I'm awake anyway. With few customers, the casino workers started talking to me while there and pretty soon several of them would take their breaks when I came in and join me for dinner. I got to know all about them and their families, heard all the fun things to do locally and even got to hear stories about the strange things that happen in a casino late at night, like the naked sleepwalker wandering through the casino! You may also want to post a general location (city) on some of the travel nursing board or other boards of your interest and meet some of your online friends, taking the usual precautions of meeting in a public place and not putting too much identifying info out online.
  6. by   caroladybelle
    Religious activities....I have been invited to people's homes for Passover, and Rosh Hashanah.

    Do tourist things, and talk to others. Join the local Museum group. I did this in Philly and Manhattan - jazz, wine, canapes amongst 2,000 year old artifacts make for good conversation and a safe way out if you attract a weirdo...but that is not as likely in the Met as it is in a Club.

    Work out in the fitness room and get to know your neighbors.

    Do be careful and safe, though. Meet people in public places or from sources that you know are safe.
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