Fires in NorCal

  1. OK so I have a contract at Kaiser in north Cali, with the recent fires closing 2 of the hospitals in the area and fires still ongoing i'm starting to wonder how safe it is to go. We live in an RV, so at least we could move in a hurry if needed although my wife doesn't know how to hook up to the RV and pull with the truck. Even if I do go i'm wondering if I should consider re-negotiating my contract for higher considering the higher need right now. Am I being selfish? Since I already signed do I even have a leg to stand on? I figure we are going to go unless the RV park calls and says we don't have a place to park. However I am concerned.
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  3. by   NedRN
    As far as I know, there are no crisis needs. That is what you would need to open discussions, and the agency would first have to try to get the higher bill rate. I wouldn't broach the subject unless you learn from another agency that there are crisis needs, merely asking makes you appear to be unreliable - like you might quit mid contract for something better. It is OK to be greedy, but not at the cost of your word and self esteem. To find out, call Fastaff and see if they have ASAP needs in NorCal. Be aware that you will be blackballed from future Kaiser assignments with any agency if you bail because of American Mobile, the vendor manager. Fastaff has a direct contract with Kaiser so you will still have access to those rapid response assignments. Also, a lot of crisis needs can be short term only, so the financial gain is a short blip that might not be that noticeable over 12 months.

    It depends on your personal philosophy I suppose. Steady as she goes is the way to wealth in my view. The "Millionaire Next Door" did not get there by chasing short term money.
  4. by   Argo
    Where are you going? Ukiah to Santa Rosa and Napa is pretty tough right now. I got evacuated from my rv spot Wednesday. They aren't any shorter on staff since they are all still there and working, some have birnt homes though.

    Fires are raging for sure, no where near contained. I have a storage spot that i dropped it off at and i got a room in SF. This worked out well since my family is coming down for some tourism activities this weekend. If they werent i would have brought the rv in to town.
  5. by   8-ball
    I'm going to work at Kaiser Antioch but staying at RV park in Iselton
  6. by   juan de la cruz
    Both the hospital you will be working for and the RV Park are nowhere near the fire evacuation areas much less the towns affected by the fire. However, most of the Bay Area and parts of Northern California have unhealthy air quality index due to the effect of the fires. That should hopefully get better in time as fires get under control.

    I work Per Diem in a Sonoma County hospital. While there is no pressing need for additional nurses as 2 hospitals affected have not reopened, hence nurses there are not working at all, I've spoken to a few travelers can't wait to leave due to the poor air quality.