Feeling Mislead By Travel Company...need The Truth!!!!!!

  1. I had my hopes set on being a traveler. I have heard alot of pros and cons... and the pros were outweighing the cons.

    But I have been communicating with a certain travel company since April of this year. During this time my recruiter has been providing me with information about the company and the various job opportunities and locations.

    THE PROBLEM: I was told that you have to have 1 yr of experience to become a traveler. Okay no problem that was done, I have my one year in ICU experience. Well actually only 14 months.

    But now it has been revealed to me that a majority of ICU positions REQUIRE 2 YRS OF ICU experience. This was never revealed until now. I was always told about the jobs, location, salary etc. I was looking to start by the first week of September, but now I don't know if that's going to be possible.

    My learning lesson is, I did not know to ask this question, b/c I was told about the 1 yr experience, not taking into account that some hospitals may require more than 1.

    I have been reading other posts, and a piece of advice I am following is to register with more than one company. But now which companies are good companies to go with??????

    Its getting down to crunch time......NEED HELPPPPPP ANY ADVICE.

    It looks like I'll have to take acute care assignments for a while while climbing to my 2 yr mark. But the only problem is it doesn't give me credit towards my ICU experience.
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  3. by   renerian
    I know many companies do mislead you. I would do a search on the net and email different companies. Don't let them con you into completing the usual armload of paperwork that they each have.

    Did you look at: www.delphiforums.com


    I liked Robison.

    Maybe someone can help you find what your looking for.
  4. by   Brownms46
    The agency may not have actually lied to you, and here is the reason I say this. There are a lot companies out there, that are constantly hiring on new, inexperienced recruiters. These have no previous experience recruiting nurses, and have NO idea of what goes on in hospitals. Many are here today, and gone tomorrow.

    It is always best to INTERVIEW your recruiter, before dealing with an agency! The recruiter is what makes or breaks an agency, and can make or break your experience with the company, and as a traveler.

    You need to find a recruiter who has been at this for a while, and has knowledge, and experience in placing ICU nurses.

    Many hospitals require at least 2 or even more years of ICU experience, and that experience must be recent, and just prior to the assignment. I personally would reccomend having at least 2yrs experience, but I have seen nurses who did well with less. Just beware, that there are some pretty rough places out there, and you need to be VERY confident of your skills, and NOT need hand holding!

    Except for the paperwork, and how their system is, you should be able to take an assignment after a short orientation. Or at times NO orientation. Just remember you could get thrown in over your head, if you end up dealing with those who adhere to the sink of swim kind of thinking. Or you could end up just babysitting, d/t the staff not feeling confident about your experience level. I have been in both situations, and neither is any fun at all! But the assignments ended with me having proved myself in both settings. I can reccomend a very experienced recruiter, and if you would like I could PM you with her name.

    If not, I will just wish you the best of luck in finding a recruiter who is experienced, and will look out for your best interest. Take care...
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  5. by   caroladybelle
    I personally think that there should be two years of experience for anyone doing travel nursing, no matter what the field.

    While, some places will take you with less, they will probably prefer more experience and that may put farther down the list on positions.
  6. by   jackieprov
    I am a travel nurse in ICU for Nursefinders in Providence. They require only one year of ICU experience to work in the hospitals they assign nurses in Providence, RI and Boston, MA. I know they have immediate needs.
    You might want to try checking out their website at www.nursefinders.com and fill out an application online or call 401-751-355y.