Fail Pbds?

  1. Just curious as to how many travel nurses have taken PBDS exam? Did you pass or fail?...and if you failed did your assignment get terminated? Where did you take this
    I wrote at NCH in Naples,Fl did not pass. Lost my contract . Was not aware of this prior to arriving. Have heard from several people and know of a family that just relocated here with a travel contract who then had to leave because the RN didn't pass the PBDS exam. Was told by one staff nurse they sent home 30 travel nurses last year who failed the test.
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  3. by   cvryder
    I took and (praise be!) passed the PBDS at Pitt Memorial in Greenville, NC. I scored "limited but acceptable" which I guess was good enough. At least one person in my orientation group did not pass.

    I have to say that I think this is a horrible test. First of all, the videos are of such poor quality that you can hardly see what you should even if you are sitting right on top of the screen. Secondly, it's almost impossible to *write* all they expect in the limited time you have...most of our hands don't move that fast even if we know the answers! My biggest gripe, however, is that I think it's being misused. My understanding is that it was meant as a learning assessment tool. I don't think it was ever meant to be a weedwacker for travelers, but that's how some hospitals are using it now.

    *end of rant*

  4. by   caroladybelle
    I believe in the state of Florida, Naples, Ft. Myers, and the Florida Hospital system (not the state but the Adventist owned hospital group) use either PBDS or a similar written exam, that all travelers must pass. There are hospitals in many places that do that.

    Your issue should be with your travel company. My company/recruiter informs people UPFRONT about this requirement and offers study materials for those at the Adventist hospitals that take the critical care portion. They are very clear about this requirement. If your company did not tell you, you need to take it up with them as that was inappropriate on their part.
  5. by   mojofla
    Thank you Caroladybelle...I agree and I did address it with my company. I also called up the CNO/VP and informed her that her hospital does not include in their literature to the travel nurse any warning or info that such a test is being administered and the consequences.She was surprised and stated it would be addressed. I voiced that it was unfair for travel nurses to leave jobs,travel and be sent packing back home. I also told her that it was travel company responsibility but the hospital should also include it in their info. They do include info about their housing that is used and fees/rules for the housing. It also includes orientation info, a med test will be administered and nothing about PBDS. However if you fail the test they are more than happy to hire you on staff as a seasonal contract nurse...go figure!!!
    Since then I have heard of a family that arrived only to be sent packing and did read another recent post here about another traveler sent packing. I think it would help others if they knew in advance about whether PBDS is being required and where. It would help protect against all those unscrupulous travel companies who choose not to inform the travel nurse. Some of these travel nurses were first time and were devastated to be sent packing.
  6. by   Ragan
    I took the PBDS with about 14 other travelers in Columbus a few months ago and passed it. There was one person who did not pass, but she got to retake it a couple of days later and did well. She was not knowledgeable in telemetry or cardiac at all, and I found that a couple of scenarios were cardiac-based. TIP: When you answer the questions, put EVERYTHING down you think of including getting VS, auscultating lung sounds, assessing pain, calling the doctor with all assessment findings, and anticipating orders. Don't forget to put O2 on the patient as well since it's usually an obvious one to forget (also putting them on a monitor to check their rhythm). It's a little stressful, but you'll do fine.
  7. by   lexus380
    I am interviewing at pitt county and was told also had to take the test could you give me some insights on what I need 2 know or what kind of scenearios they gave you tk youthis is crazy passing boards was enough pressure now more.
  8. by   cvryder
    What Ragan said, basically. Write down everything you can think of. You won't have much time, though.

    The good thing I learned is that PBDS is supposedly good for a year so if you pass it you ought to be able to get some kind of confirmation so you won't have to take it at another facility. It still bites, though:uhoh21:
  9. by   luvicu
    just curious. Has anyone filed a law suit about pbds? I'm thinking of one.. i was hired by a company and has been working for about six months now and was just told there is a new test i had to take. I was now wondering since i wasn't told that i would take and pass this test even during orientation. More so, i passed all their required testings prior to starting.

    for confidential purposes, i would be very brief but i just need to know if anyone has sued a company on discrimination or anything about this test....i and my family are just devasted about this whole thing....i mean i'm not a new grad, i argued that i was not supposed to take the test but when all protests failed, i decided to read up on that on this website and actually made notes on the diagnosis asked and what they are looking for. i made sure i memorized the whole thing including when to use the time frames, stat/now/asap/immediately/as soon as pt stabilized or supervised by another nurse/ prior to d/c teachings...i mean, i really studied for this test. Did what i call my best. Ran out of time but the 8 that i answered out of 11 were very detailed.

    I mean i'm very devasted about this....very devastating for me and my family...anyone pls?
  10. by   Argo
    Probably forgot those small details like the fact that This thread is 5 years old. Either way, move on, learn from it and better yourself. A lawsuit for something like This would be what I call frivolous.
  11. by   emilee1978
    I took and passed this test about a month ago, I found the test to be highly subjective. Although I passed at my current hospital, I don't know that I'd get in my car and trek across the country knowing I need to pass it again, I think the test is only as good as the person grading it, IMHO.
  12. by   TayTayRN
    I am applying for a position (my first travel position) at a hospital that requires the PBDS. But it is a pediatrics position, and peds is all I know. Is there a peds version of the test or am I going to be expected to know all about big people?
  13. by   luvicu
    If you have been working in peds for ur entire 4yrs as a nurse, they would likely give you the ped version. Otherwise you would do med-surg.It depends on what you filled in your biodata form to them(enlisting how many yrs experience you have and what specialty you have worked more). But you have to follow up with your recruiter so they would give you ped version.Goodluck!