Did I get lowballed???

  1. I just signed my first ever travel assignment and I think I probably got lowballed. I've done the research and know I shouldn't take anything less than $20/hr. However, my last day at work is the 30th and I have a prearranged trip with my folks starting May 25th so I have a 2 week window to start and was getting really nervous. I was afraid if I tried haggling I'd lose the assignment. So, after voicing my concerns to my recruiter who swore to me that they'd never had a nurse audited I took the assignment

    I'll be going to Louisville, KY. I know it's nowhere near the highest paying state in the nation (probably one of the lower paying states). I'll be doing neuro tele at Norton Hospital. My contract is for $15.75/hr, $568/wk housing and $220/wk M&IE. Did I get screwed and if so, how badly?
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  3. by   NedRN
    You are not going to get audited for making too low an hourly pay. The IRS has no idea of what you are getting paid in increments of less than one quarter reported earnings. Not that it matters as any hourly taxable amount is legal. Sometimes large jumps in annual income can trigger a review, but not in our tax bracket. Finally, you do know that there are nurses in this country in staff positions who don't make $20 an hour?

    I can't comment on your total pay. Without quotes from other agencies for your experience (and being a first time traveler), specialty, and location, there is nothing to compare it with.
  4. by   Guy in Babyland
    I would say that is not the most ideal compensation. 15.75/ hr salary, 15.77/ hr housing (568/36), and 6.11/hr (220/36) for M&IE. That equals an employee getting $37.63/ hr. I work for Norton Children's and I make more than that as an employee (Weekends Only).
  5. by   NedRN
    However the take home is better than the same amount fully taxed. I tend to agree the pay is pretty low, but that should not be a priority for the first ever travel assignment.

    Hopefully this will be a great experience in a traveler friendly unit. After a successful travel assignment on the work history, one can afford to be more picky about compensation or location or both.
  6. by   Wolf at the Door
    What is your speciality? ICU, OR, Cath lab or L&D i so, you got royally screwed. If it was Med surg, dialysis, rehab, or home health you did probably slightly below average.