delray beach hospital??

  1. Has anyone heard about this hospital? I have heard some mixed reviews from heresay but want to know if anyone has direct info about the ER in particular. Thanks!
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  3. by   mellojac
    If you are talking about the Delray Hospital in Florida, I had a friend who worked there and really enjoyed it. Let me know if you need more info.
  4. by   renerian
    I wish I could help you. I hope you find someone who can. I only did California and Ohio.

  5. by   DEEJAE
    My wife worked there for two weeks through a US agency. Dangerous patient numbers and lack of proper orientation. If I am not too late be careful before you decide
  6. by   CaringRN4U
    I will be starting the versant program soon and I am so excited ,It scares me to hear all this negativity about this facility which I will be having a 3 yr contract with . Please feel free to give me any info available and what part of the area does your friend live and work in? thanks mellojac
  7. by   FoodieJ
    I worked there for a few years myself and enjoyed it

    good and bad things at all hospitals. you cant judge by one persons experience, especially those that are there on contract. I can tell you that temps are given the crappier assignments
  8. by   Runman1914
    I did 10 years of travel nursing at over 25 different hospitals and Del Ray medical center was by far the worse assignment i ever had!!!! I started my travel contract there with 11 other travelers and only me and one other finished the 13 week contract. It was impossible to get basic supplies for the patients. The patients and families cursed and yelled at me worse than when i was in the Army. The charge nurses dumped on the travelers big time. Run Run Run from Del Ray hell ray death ray medical center!!!!!
  9. by   manda0125
    Im a travel nurse Ive done a few contracts in south Florida but Delray was not one of them, I've heard many bad things about the hospital however I cant say any of them arevery good here!