Check where to find toilet paper first!

  1. If you are a travel nurse, you always want to know where the nearest grocery store is first, because you will probably need that first after your long journey. I had that experience already, searching and doing the potty dance. E-mail me if you agree or if you need anymore info as far as traveling or checklist of things to bring.:imbar
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    Actually, the tp, lightbulbs, one mug, soap, paper towels and dogfood are always packed in a bag I can grab as soon as I arrive (right behind the seat). That way the necessities are at hand and I can take my time on everything else.
  4. by   Jessy_RN
    Great idea baglady
  5. by   bebe on the road
    My box has a roll of toilet paper, a towel and washcloth, some packets of instant coffee with packets of instant creamer, dry soup, a can of chicken to add to the soup, a bar of soup, some Tylenol, and some dryer sheets to scent the box up. I'm usually too tired to hunt for the grocery store when i first get there.
  6. by   organicCowgirl
    try using the leasing office's potty before checking out ur new pad! that seems to work for me until i get to some tp!!