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  1. Hi all!!
    How do you all handle mail? I am moving to my new assignment in 2 1/2 weeks. When I moved here I did a change of address from my home town, and my mom is still getting some of my mail. My concern is that if I change address every three months, then some of my mail will get "stuck" at an old address or I will just flat out loose some of my mail. How do you guys solve this problem? Have you had a problem getting mail to your new address with every move? I was also thinking about just changing my address back home and let my mom send my mail once a week, but don't want to inconvience her (I really don't think she would mind). Any ideas???Thanks!!
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  3. by   housemomma
    us mail provides mail forwarding service , $10 to start $10 for each week. Our home base is also my mothers and any mail that gets sent to her get for us gets forwarded onto us once a week
  4. by   emllpn2006
    I would probably go with using your moms address and letting her mail it to you for a few different reasons
    1. Some of your mail may get lost and it would be awefull if a bill got lost and you get busy and forget to pay it and it ends up damaging your credit.
    2. When you move it shows on your credit report. When you order a credit report it shows a list off address that you have used in the last 7 years and this could hurt you if you try to get a loan.
    I know none of this has anything to do with nursing but right now I am working for a collection agency, while trying to find a nursing job and see this every day where we are trying to collect on someones forgotten credit card. They made plenty of money to pay for it but the bill goes to the wrong address and they get busy and forget totally about it. Then they go to get credit are told about the bill and end up paying all the extra late, overlimit fees, and intrest and there is nothing that can be done about it.