bills & phone service?

  1. I will be starting my first travel nurse assignment this month. It is at Beth Isreal in NYC on their oncology unit. I am totally excited and ready for a new challenge.

    I have been wondering how do you keep up with your mail, i.e. bills, when you are traveling? Do you have them sent to your current assignment address? Also, I use my computer quite often to keep up with friends and family via email. How do you retain internet access? I was planning on only having my cell phone when I travel. Would I have to get a land line service at each assignment location?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   webbiedebbie
    Hi...I can answer the one about the don't have to get a land line if you plan to use your cell phone.

    When I did travel nursing, my dh was home, so I kept my mail coming to my house. But I was about 4 hours away and would come home on my days off.

    I'm sure others will post information for you that will help with your questions.

    Have fun on your new adventure!
  4. by   suzanne4
    You have a few options as far as mail. You can just have it forwarded on a temporary basis to your new address, etc. Most bill paying can be done 100% on-line, and you can check your bills on-line also.

    Some agencies do provide a land-line for telephone, others do not. Depends on what youi do for computer hook-up, I prefer a computer modem, so do not use the land-line much at all.