Best Hospitals in California for travel nurses?

  1. Hi....looking for the better places to work as RN in Calfornia area of LA and south of there in the area of Burns, M/S or Pacu as a traveler.

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  3. by   suzanne4
    I would be more concerned with the agency first. That is more important than anything, as well as your recruiter.
  4. by   pearldora
    I like Emerald Health Services. They specialize in CA
    assignments. There's a brand new hosp in Bev Hills that I keep getting ask to
    travel to. Supposed to have all new robotic surgery stuff and state-of-the-art
    equipment. Ask about that one.
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  5. by   angelamarieRN
    hi all, i am looking to travel to cali with a friend and have been getting the run around from many angencies so far. the problem is finding a picu position and an oncology position in the same area. the only positions found in the same hospital are at UCLA hosp in LA. any body have any info on that hospital or how LA would be for our first assignment? we are relocating from phila, pa. any info would be great, thanks!
  6. by   JazzyRN
    Cedars Sinai Medical Center is a fabulous place to work, i loved it there, although they dont pay as well as some other places. Also there is a small community hospital in the san fernando valley, van nuys to be exact, called valley presbyterian hospital that pays well, low stress, great staff, absolutely loved it there.