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JazzyRN has 5 years experience and specializes in PICU/Peds.

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  1. JazzyRN

    The Worst Nursing Job You Ever Had

    CNMC. worked in the pediatric ICU. it was grossly understaffed with high pt acuity. nurses would take 3 patients regularly and it was very unsafe. you rarely got lunch. coworkers were all so busy, it was hard to get help or relief. i would feel sick and anxious prior to each shift i work and found myself praying to make it through the shift. luckily it was only a travel assignment with and not a real job for me. i pray that things are better over there now for the sake of the nurses and their patients.
  2. JazzyRN

    Have you ever...

    Have you ever had a patient .... So full of energy and life that you looked forward to caring for them whenever they were there? That was so brave in the face of illness, they never let it get them down? Always kept a smile on their face and their sense of humor when they were feeling sick or recieved bad news? You would negotiate to change your assignment in order to be their nurse that day? That could make you laugh/smile and instantly improve your outlook on your day? That felt like a member of your own family? That traded in their wheels for wings so unexpectedly it stole the breath out of your chest? I lost a patient this week that was so kind, caring, funny and unique that I will never forget him. Try as we might to maintain a professional relationship, once in a while a patient slips through and leaves an imprint on your heart that can never be erased. I learned so much from you J.M.C. about loving life and staying positive. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to care for and get to know you. You will never be forgotten. R.I.P.
  3. JazzyRN

    Finding a preceptor

    Yes I found a preceptor, actually 2 great preceptors, one PNP and one pediatrician. Thank you guys for your help and concern. I'll finally be done this December!
  4. JazzyRN

    can I get fired ?

    I think it really depends on the situation and the reason why you do not want to work with a patient. But since you can't be more specific, there isnt much else to say
  5. JazzyRN

    Seizure Pts: what to do when it happens?

    seizures are pretty simple. just ensure that there is oxygen and suction in the room. although they are rarely needed. just time and observe the seizure, ensuring the patient is safe, with enough padding around them so as not to injure themself. there isnt much to do. If they do not come out of their seizure within a couple minutes, then draw a whatever PRN med (usually ativan) is ordered for their seizures. dont bother trying to get vitals with a GTC because they are often hard to obtain and inaccurate. some will throw oxygen on a seizing patient, because they may desat a little but its usually not necessary.
  6. JazzyRN

    Not letting my kid go to school

    i think you should let her go to school
  7. JazzyRN

    In need of a PNP preceptor

    I'm a PNP student in my 2nd semester of my program. I am looking for a great PNP preceptor in primary peds practice 2 days/wk for the short 10 week summer session. I am looking in the Washington DC area, including Prince Georges, Montgomery County, Howard County and Annapolis. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
  8. JazzyRN

    Finding a preceptor

    I just wanted to inquire about finding a preceptor. My school has encouraged us to find our own PNP preceptors for summer session if we would like to have clinical closer to home. I would really prefer a PNP instead of a pediatrician. I looked up a few of the pediatric practices I know of on the internet and found a few PNPs. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to approach or inquire about a preceptorship from these complete strangers? Has anyone else gone through this? I am looking the in the Washington DC or Prince Georges/Montgomery county area, let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks.
  9. JazzyRN

    Assignment Despite Objection Form

    We used a similar form in my old job in NYC. It was called the protest of assignment form. People would still take the assignment, but where it becomes useful is if a bad outcome or event occurs, it should save you from personal responsibility and the hospital management will really have some big explaining to do. I think its great. Most hospitals in NYC have nursing unions, so there is no way someone could get fired for that.
  10. JazzyRN

    First Medication Error.....feeling horrible!!

    We all make mistakes, don't beat yourself up about it. However I must say, if you are busy and don't verify a med with the MAR, that med should never be an insulin. Insulin is prone to making errors and can end up killing patients. In time you will recognize these drugs such as insulin, KCl, digoxin. One must come out of autopilot then review the 5 rigths and get a proper double check. Mistakes make us better nurses which is a positive that comes from that.
  11. JazzyRN

    Vibrating veins

    turbulent blood flow causes that vibration, perhaps your patient has some peripheral vascular insufficiency/disease. if this patient has some atherosclerotic changes in the vessels of this hand, then you occluding the vein with the tourniquet added an additional obstruction causing a greater turbulence which is the vibration felt
  12. JazzyRN

    Please help me make a decision!

    if you think its not right for you, chances are that you are right. Listen to your intuition on this one. I was told as well, that I must do my one year of med surg to be marketable and its not really true. The nursing shortage is such that a lot of places will accept and train you on their specialty unit. I graduated and went straight into peds. i have friends that went straight to ICU, PICU, NICU, ER, hem/onc without that year of med surg. So I say get out there and interview on a less hectic unit. Good luck!
  13. JazzyRN

    Is there a TF Formula Without Milk or Soy?

    Yes there is we gave babies a formula called Alimentum, when they can't tolerate soy or milk formulas.
  14. JazzyRN

    Report interruption

    I personally think it is ridiculous to get upset if someone is asking questions during report. If I have a question, its because something is not clear to me and I will ask it right then and there, if I wait and hold my questions to the end, I may forget to clarify something. A new nurse most certainly will have alot of questions, we were all there once, and no one should forget that.
  15. JazzyRN

    Clinical research nurse at NIH?

    I work as a CRN at NIH, and we take care of the inpatients, if you are looking for a postion without bedside pt care, you would need to apply for a position as a research nurse for one of the individual institutes. I enjoy my work there, you use the same skills you use in a regular hospital. However in my experience at NIH, I have not used many of the technical skills that I used at other hospitals, our patients tend to be less sick and more stable. But it can be stressful monitoring pts receiving phase I drugs, chemotherapy and biotherapies. We do a lot of transfusions, drawing labs, serial testing, pt education. Less of placing PIVs, foleys, NGTs, etc. Email me if you have any more questions
  16. JazzyRN

    You Know the patient is going bad when...

    When you trying to get a IV in a baby thats a hard stick, have poked them a couple times and haven't gotten a cry or a movement in response from them...