Bad experience with NIP Recruiter

  1. Not wanting to go into details that could identify me or the recruiter, I have a question to ask:

    Has anyone found the same thing that I experienced with a Nurses in Partnership recruiter; in that, the recruiter has displayed evasiveness, snotty remarks, rudeness,etc. when questioned on particulars of positions advertised? I have been told, in not so many words, that if i am to question the pay rate, the hospital and its exact location, the benefits offered, etc., I am to get lost.

    This one recruiter has made me question the whole company's ethics. I would appreciate it if anyone has input as to whether this attitude is company-wide or selective to just this one recruiter. I am uncertain if I should report her to the company, or if she is holding up to a company standard of behavior.
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  3. by   canoehead
    I would tell her to bite me hard, I need to know the particulars of the job if I am to make a decision. Also something along the lines of don't call me back, if I even consider taking a job with your company it will be with another recruiter, and what is your supervisor's name, dear?
  4. by   scorpinayj
    I'm not a traveler, but this doesn't sound right. I have this notion that we're the ones on the market here, not them. So i'd say screw you and report her to the head honcho!!
  5. by   bagladyrn
    There is no way I would continue to work with this recruiter. If you have a particular reason for staying with that company (a contract only they have?) then I'd call and request to speak to another recruiter.
    After either working with another recruiter or deciding to look elsewhere I'd also let the company know, perhaps by calling to speak to a supervisor, exactly why I was looking elsewhere.
  6. by   ernurse16
    I have followed my recruiter to NIP and think he is the best!!! He works with me closely and has never let me down... if you want to email me, I will be happy to put you in touch

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