Backing out of extension contract

  1. I'm just weeks away from completing the 13-week initial contract. I signed an extension, but now want to back out. Any problems with this?
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  3. by   NedRN
    Yes. But talk to your agency.
  4. by   EricPsychRN
    Thanks, Ned. I was hoping you'd comment. What might the repercussions be?
  5. by   amoLucia
    I can see what Ned's thinking.
  6. by   Gary Mendoza
    Eric, sometimes it's a problem, sometimes it's not. As NedRN said, talk with your recruiter and weigh your options. I'll give some possibilities below:

    1. If you're contracted with a large agency or a large facility, they might DNR (Do Not Rehire) you and you could have problems getting contracts in the future.
    ...a. If it's a big agency like AMN, Aya, etc they can make it very difficult because they are the vendors (middle men between the hospital and the agencies) for lots of hospitals.
    ...b. Be mindful of any 'penalties' your agency might have written into your contract too, sometimes they are very expensive.

    2. If you're with a small agency or a small facility that doesn't use a vendor there might be no problem at all in the future.

    Lots of variables to consider and too many to type out, but I would also talk with your recruiter and see what they say. Many times there is a two week notice to quit written into the contract between the agency and the hospital, if that's the case, just put your two weeks notice in and no harm no foul.

    Good luck,