Arrghh!! Company with the best locations??

  1. All these companies I'm calling...they have limited selection. I want to travel to a big city and they have NOTHING! Very frustrating!

    San Fran
    San Diego

    Why is it so hard to find a travel nurse job in these cities darn it! Can anyone recommend a company that has lots of work in the mentioned cities? Cheers and Thanks in advance!:stone
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    I'd suggest checking with the larger companies. I've been with Cross Country for 10+ years now and have never had a problem getting to the area I want to be in. They've always been able to accomodate me, even to the point of getting me a contract within 50 miles of a specific small town in rural New England. (Not as easy as the big metro areas).
  4. by   twinRN04
    Yea, I agree, I'm in San Diego right now on assignment and I know my company has jobs in San Fran. I'm with Medical Express and have no complaints so far. I did try a smaller company initially and I know what you mean....they didn't have the job I wanted.
  5. by   moonrose2u
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]what facility are you with NC? do you like it? and what company? i am thinking about the fayetteville area as a first assignment?

    any pointers?

    you can email me privately:
  6. by   twinRN04
    I'm from NC. I used to work at High point regional near the Greensboro/Winston salem area. I know that my co. medical express has positions there. Good luck!