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  1. Hello, I am planning on moving to Florida and/or starting travel nursing. Right now, I want to actually move to FL as my legal residence, and then either work solely there or start travel nursing. I am applying for a FL license online, and I am confused at what to declare my "primary residence". It states in order to have a multi-state license, FL must be your primary residence. I have to type in my primary state residence now. Currently, I live in another state, but I will move to FL after getting the license. So, what do I do in this situation? Can I not apply for a multi-state license until I move there, and what would that mean?
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  3. by   NICU Guy
    Unless your current state is a Compact state, you can not get a multi-state license until you move to Fl and declare your new Fl address as your primary residence.

    I moved from Ky (compact) to Indiana (non-compact) and my Ky license went from multi-state to single state within 24 hrs after changing my address on the Ky BON website.

    Once you move to Fl, you do not have to apply for a multi state license, just change your address with the Fl BON and it becomes a multi-state.
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  4. by   Argo
    For the most part the above is true but some states aren't that easy. CO and TX you had to prove residence and work statua with a utility bill and a pay stub. I have had residency and compact status in both. I changed my address 3 years ago with CO and they still have me listed as compact, when i called they said it would stay that way
  5. by   NICU Guy
    My point was that there is not a separate application process between single state and multi-state license. Once you have your single state license and then move to the compact state, it should fairly painless to get it converted to a multi state.
  6. by   Nurseways
    I moved from Indiana to Florida four years ago. It was an exhausting process. You don't have to be a resident of Fl to get a Fl license!. I know a lot of travelers that are from out of state who travel to Florida. But it does take take time.
    This is a quote from the Florida Board of Nursing regarding obtaining endorsement from another state:

    For Licensure by Endorsement, the requirements are as follows and can be found in Section 464.009, F.S.:

    Applicants are eligible for licensure by endorsement when they hold a valid license to practice professional or practical nursing in another state or territory of the United States.


    Applicants are eligible for licensure by endorsement when they have successfully completed the State Board Test Pool Examination (SBTPE) or the NCLEX.


    Applicants are eligible for licensure by endorsement when they have actively practiced nursing in another state, jurisdiction, or territory of the United States for 2 of the preceding 3 years without having his or her license acted against by the licensing authority of any jurisdiction.
    This is a link Florida Board of Nursing >> Licensed Practical Nurse & Registered Nurse by Endorsement - Licensing, Renewals & Information for the Florida Board of Nursing.

    There are quite a few steps, fingerprinting is what took the longest for me. You can't do a live scan when you are out of state. And they are VERY particular. I had to do it two times (you can usally do this at a law enforcement agency. Background check. Verify your current license.
    As of January 18,2018, Florida is now a compact state, so the process may not be as long for you depending on where you currently live.

    Best of luck to you. Not sure what part of the state you are looking at. We live about a mile West of Tampa Bay, and love it here. ~Lisa
  7. by   Juniper83
    I am also going from IN to FL. I completed the application and just did my fingerprints today (was a hassle figuring out where I could go being out of state). I think I have everything done, will double check. Also from Tampa originally!