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I have been a traveler for 2 years. I am looking for a company that has decent pay with a wider selection of assignments. Can you give my any input about American Moble? How are they to work for? ... Read More

  1. by   psychonurse
    I was a traveler many years ago....about 16 to be exact and it wasn't as good as it is 401K etc. But it was fun and I was younger so it wasn't to bad. The only company that I worked for was American Mobile and I had a great recruiter...she was really great and got me into some really good places to work. I don't remember her name and I don't think she would still be there now. But it just shows you that American Mobile has been around for quite a while. me :hatparty:
  2. by   jRN4now
    I have been with Preferred Healthcare for 1 year now and I agree that it all depends on your recruiter... I love my mine! I have talked with a lot of other travelers who have been traveling for years and they all say the same thing as well.... If you have a great recruiter than your experience with that company is great and of course if he/she is terrible then same thing.....
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    I have a friend who travels with Preferred.I wonder if any of you have ever worked for Prestige?
  4. by   CDN RN
    if you have some web links to sites which compare travel nursing all means please post them...

    I am a Canadian Nurse planning to do some travel nursing this winter...(yeah...I can't stand all the snow

    Would love any advice, direction or web links you can offer.
  5. by   Tomskatt
    I would love some of this info you have gathered! I have a few months to decide, but I would like to figure it out soon! Thanks!
  6. by   Jedi Master
    Quote from LoriPRN
    I have been a traveler for 2 years. I am looking for a company that has decent pay with a wider selection of assignments. Can you give my any input about American Moble? How are they to work for? Is the pay competitive? Do they have many job opportunities? Any info would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Lori
    American Mobile is under an umbrella company call Worldview Healthcare Corporation. There AKA the "Evil Empire" on Delphiforums. There is a website that has all the companies under it. It is very deceptive. All of those companies, Nurses RX, AMH, Medical Express, Preferred Healthcare Staffing, and O'Grady Peyton International, are under the parent company, Worldview Healthcare.

    I would not go with any of them because the pay is lower than what other travel companies pay at the same place and housing is of lesser quality than that of other travel companies. AMH and Medical express would demean your credentials such as:
    Well, you don't have travel RN experience. (But, I had 6 years unit experience).
    This is a prestigious place, your in it to build your resumes not for the pay. (Been there, done that. I am trying to build my financial portfolio, not resume).
    Well, based on what the hospital bill rate is, this is all we can pay for this assignment, $25/hr. (I can make this at where I am now as a staff RN).

    Based on my experience with ME and AMH, I did one assignment with AMH,
    they set the RN profession back the way they treat you. The whole housing package was roughly $700-$800 per month, including furniture and electricity. The other traveler's got corporate housing with basic cable, high speed DSL internet and basic phone. I had to bring minor things like a shower curtain and hooks. Its kind of like moving, except for the furniture.

    Important to travel nursing is hooking up with a good recruiter that can offer a good package up front, instead of twisting their arms for the perks. If you are in debt and can't make headway, Fastaff and OnAssignment are two companies that pay well and I can only recommend them for that reason from second hand source.

    This is my criteria now when scoping for a travel company/assignment:

    Pay: $30 minimum in the Midwest and Southeast, $35 minimum on the coasts and Northeast. 36 hour weeks, will do 48 but not 60.

    Housing/Travel expense: Corporate housing, license reimbursement, pay airfare/rental car or reimburse travel expenses, and realistic health benefits, 401k, can retain benefits with four weeks between assignsments, etc. not HMO, benefits start 60 days after starting the assignment, or can't allow more than two weeks to lapse between assignments.

    This criteria may not apply to anybody here but its my criteria and I have no problem turning down assignments that cannot meet them.

    Make sure that you get all of the immunizations that your facility, if you are a staff RN, provides are up to date and a current physical, meaning less than a year. Hoped this helps answering your questions.
  7. by   nicki2
    So who are you currently with?
  8. by   Jedi Master
    Quote from nicki2
    So who are you currently with?
    I just got an assignment with Fastaff. I did have to make concessions on benefits and carry Cobra.

    I do need to clarify something. I did not travel with Medical Express but felt that they did not honor my experience and pulled a bait and switch. Meaning that you applied for a job because of a specific location and next thing you know the recruiter is wanting to send you to other parts of the country.