Affordable housing from Craigslist.

  1. Just an FYI for travelers who are sick of paying 300 and up a week for housing. I not only looked on Craigslist, but put myself out there as a traveling nurse who needs a home. I put what I wanted, and what I could pay. It worked, I'm staying with a very nice young woman for 500 bucks a month!! I am fully aware there are nuts out there, but I became friends on facebook with this woman so she could see my life, and I hers. I also had another very nice older couple contact me. You can look up the Craigslist in any city in the country and take your pick. I will do this from now on. I looked at my share of crackpot places before deciding to put my situation on there and let them contact me.
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  3. by   PMFB-RN
    This is a great idea. I am not currently a traveler but commute 3 hours each way to work. I work a stretch of days on then have a long stretch off. When I am working I stay in the basement apartment of a very nice family. I had several living arrangments before I found this one but this is really a winner all the way around. The whole family is gone all day and they wanted somebody who could be in the home on at least some days (I work nights). Their washer & dryer is actually in the kitcken of my apartment and so they had great difficulty renting the apatment (when wants your land lord walking through your home all the time?). But I don't care. it's not my home, just the place I stay when working. They do their laundry after I leave at night and they all go away during the day. The basement is dark and cool, perfect for day time sleeping. I only pay $200/month and have a nice little kitchen, washer & dryer, cable TV, internet and a bedroom they never have to enter. They get a very low maintenance tenant who does not party or bring strangers to their home (they have 4 small kids), who doesn't care that they do their laundry in the kitchen. I am only here 10 days a month but they feel more secure with my truck in the drivway (house isn't in a good neighborhood) and me in the house at least part of the time, and who isn't there at night to interfear with their family.
    I didn't find it on Craig's list. My landlord is the sister of a co-worker and she set us up. When i was traveling I did much as you did and got some very reasonable housing and made some good friends too.
  4. by   Quiltmaker
    I'm a traveler who tried this the last time I worked in FL. I still feel it can be a good careful! My first "place" was all set up, arrival dates and all, when I got to town and called to meet up I got a "who are you?, oh yeah, my sister had to move in so it won't work out"...thank goodness I hadn't forwarded any money! Second one seemed good, clean/neat/safe/quiet...then it turned out his 2 kids lived there too, a cat, another tenent and the house had to stay 80 degrees to save on AC bill...I switched to a condo rental by owner and loved the rest of my time! I like the idea of facebook friending, you an get a lot of info. Ask lots of specific questions, and agree to a short trial period would be my other suggestions.
  5. by   cardiacbeeatch
    I have had great success with Craigslist. My first place was un-freakin-believable in San Jose, CA. It was a room for about $300 a month with a Korean family in one of the wealthiest areas of San Jose (Bel Air Estates). I had a partially furnished room, the use of the common areas of the home, plus use of the W/D, kitchen and internet. Utilities included. It was a fantabulous experience!

    The place I am right now, I found through Craigslist. It is good size bedroom in a home with the owner and one other roommate (they have their own bedrooms). The roommate and I share a double sink bathroom. All utilities are included, as well as internet access. Use of common areas, W/D and kitchen. I pay $400 a month.

    I do my homework and research. You can google a street address and get a look at a home and the surroundings. Also, you can use google maps to compute the commuting distance to work, find shops and groceries in the area. Read an area's local paper online to find out crime reports or 'happenings' in your chosen area.

    Always have a backup plan, an extended stay in an area just in case. As well, if you do not find a place, the employee bulletin board or colleagues should be good resources.

    Apartment listings on Craigslist at times offer short term leases, to keep a place from being vacant too long. I had success that way also ... a beautiful 3-bedroom, unfurnished OCEANSIDE apartment in Santa Barbara, CA.

    When I state partially furnished, sometimes there was no bed. So what! Go buy an inflatable air mattress that you can pack and go. I purchased a lamp at Target. I have even made a comfortable pallet on a carpeted floor ... be adventurous. It is short time and cost efficient.
    Pocket the significant savings ... or head to Nordstroms, like I did.
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  6. by   AWanderingMinstral
    I would ONLY take the housing IF the cost of a typical one-bedroom is $2,000 or more. Otherwise, I use Craigslist EVERY time. I used to live in NYC and, as a result, I have A LOT of roommate experience. You have to trust your gut...and always have a backup plan! In addition, I look for travel assignments in small towns or cities within two hours of a much bigger city (i.e. Hudson Valley and NYC). Their housing stipends tend to be substantial (because they cannot attract enough nurses) and I use the extra money to spend long weekends in the bigger cities.
  7. by   AWanderingMinstral
    Another good place to start in the REAL ESTATE category under the city's Yelp listing. I send an e-mail to every one asking if they have any short-term rentals OR if they have any advice!
  8. by   dorie43rn
    I agee, research is needed, thats why if possible facebook the person. I also put in my add that I didn't want to look at any highpriced dumps, so the people sent me photos of their place. Facebook is good because the person renting needs to know if we are kooks or not also. I told the nice older couple I didn't rent from to be super careful on who they rent to, and that travel nurses are a good bet because we have backround checks done for every assignment.
    Im renting the basement also but my roomie has to come to my space to wash clothes. So what? I have nothing going on in 13 weeks that the owner of the house who is so gracious to me can't see! Like the previous poster, my roomie is gone all day, and most weekends, so it works out. I hope I'm as lucky with other states as I was with this one.
  9. by   nursinadream
    Awesome advice from all of you for finding housing. Thanks for your posts. I'm in a vacation condo on the FL Gulf now. Found it myself on VRBO, but the company is paying for it. I've read that travelers make contact with rental owners even though the price is way out of their range and take a chance they may take less to have a good tenant for 3 months. My goal is to have GREAT housing. I'm with my retired husband so a room rental isn't something I can do. For us, location is everything. That is good access to work (he drives me) shopping, recreation, volunteer opportunities for him.
    Dorie, can you tell us a little about what you post in your ad on Craigslist?
  10. by   dorie43rn
    Here is what I put in my add. Travel Nurse looking for a home. I am a travel nurse that will be working the the Madison area until Sept 4. I am looking to rent a basement apt or a furnished room. I am clean, neat and quiet. Please, no highpriced dumps. I'm willing to pay a fair price. Must be willing to Facebook or send pictures.

    Thats about it. I got a very interesting call from a guy who said I could live rent free if I did 8 hours of office work, and 4 hours of cleaning a week. When I asked more specifics, it turned out to be in a Frat House! LOL If I was a little younger maybe........
  11. by   AWanderingMinstral
    So, I have used Craigslist A LOT for roommates in the past. I usually vet them well (i.e. exchange e-mail messages, talk on the telephone, and either FaceTime or Skype. However, I desperately need housing for my upcoming assignment because it's a small town. So, I was willing to forgo FaceTime and Skype with one of the potential homeowners/roommates. Well, I woke up this morning and Googled the person's name and the town. Well, there's a video posted by a previous roommate of her riffling through the roommate's possessions. Needless to say, I told her I found a more suitable living situation and left it at that.
  12. by   mveldma3
    Thanks for the advice! I have had my company set up housing for my first assignments, but may try this to see if I can save some money!