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I need some advice regarding my situation. I waited 12 months for the right travel opportunity to come along. I scoured this blog, read 'Highway Hypodermics' and 'Hitting the Road.' Read every travel... Read More

  1. by   RN_travlr
    As someone else posted above, what does your contract state for cancelation on both ends? Always get EVERYTHING in writing. Even the smallest things. If you want to make them pay for it if they cancel you, make sure that too is in writing.
    Being this is your first time, I understand not knowing that. I would look carefully at the contract, I would push the issue with the agency, I would let the agency know that you are in this forum and have access to many other travel nurses that will be unwilling to work with that recruiter/company again. If this company treated you this way, they will do it to each and every one of us. I also got screwed by a company on my first contract so I understand the frustration. I would never work with them again or recommend them to anyone else. WE as nurses pay these recruiters is up to them to take care of us...or they wont be doing what they do long. Thanks to your post we all now know not to work with this company or to do so with great caution.
  2. by   RNx352008
    happy to report a positive update!

    so my prayers were answered, i woke up tuesday and received a call for a phone interview with another hospital just 1 hour north of the original location. this was one of the hospitals that originally passed on me last friday. so i was very surprised to get this call. i contacted my recruiter at nova pro who was just as shocked. but verified that yes they did want to hire me. and they want me to start this monday 2/27.

    and while on the phone ironing out this contract my recruiter gasps and says, "you're not going to believe this?! just received an email that the job that cancelled you wants you back!" they need help after all."

    to which i said, "no thank you!" although, others have pointed out i should have taken it and then told them i changed my mind at the last minute. however, i think karma has been served.

    i am being reimbursed the $600 plus my hotel stays (8days total). and my recruiter with nova pro has been great. she really stepped up to the plate. she also appreciated that i didn't curse her out after all as others have pointed out this is beyond their control. but i have requested a cancellation clause for future assignments. she truly felt bad for me.

    and tomorrow, (one week from the original date) i'm moving into even better digs: a two bedroom beautiful furnished cottage by the lake. the housing coordinator approved a two bedroom because she pointed out they appreciate all i've been through.

    plus, i have my best friend that has been hanging with me through this whole ordeal and kept me grounded. let me cry on her shoulder and provided advice, encouragement, and laughter.

    along with all of you who have given me insight, advice, and encouragement to keep at this dream of travel nursing. god is truly awesome! thanks to all for the encouragement and prayer.
  3. by   NedRN
    Fantastic! A good recruiter is a find. It is good you didn't have to go with the original assignment, they would have dropped you the second the census was low, contract or not.

    I love hearing stories like this!
  4. by   bostonbakednurse
    That's a great encouraging story. Good for you. You did the right thing and things worked out the way they were soposed to. Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Congrats.
  5. by   79Tango
    AWESOME..Glad it worked out!
  6. by   Nurcyn
    So tell us how your assignment is going/went!!! I'm getting ready for my first assignment, thanks for your helped me to be wise and know what to have in place. So sorry you went through all that, but you're right, God is GOOD and when things look bad, he'll ALWAYS give you something better!!!
  7. by   JulieCollins
    Boy do I feel your pain. Took a 13 weeker through hca which was cancelled after five weeks. I understood they had new grads coming off orientation and one surprise transfer from another unit. Did not actually travel, so although it was a bummer, it wasn't a huge deal. So now, behind the financial eight ball, I went out on a limb and took a contract 1700 miles away. Pulled my girls out of school, drove 1700 miles, my relatively new car down in the mountains and they cancelled my contract after my third orientation shift. Said I said something inappropriate to a patient. Have no idea what or to whom since I was one, on orientation and two, love love love my patients. So I'm out thousands, my girls have been out of school two weeks and no income. Dangerous creature, travel nursing. Called a different agency who says they can get me a better contract immediately and per diem until the paycheck a start. We'll see.
  8. by   NedRN
    Keep calling more agencies. File for unemployment now.
  9. by   RNx352008
    First, let me apologize for the punctuation of the February 24 post to all readers. I'm not sure why it looks like that and unfortunately I can no longer edit.

    Julie, so sorry this happened to you. The glitz and glamour of travel nursing is not all it is cracked up be. My previous assignments. including the one I eventually landed were wonderful. In fact, all of them have asked me to extend but I wanted to move on. I even visited Hawaii last summer though the pay wasn't great.

    Unfortunately, though I'm interviewing more and more with companies and having to turn down assignments becase they have unrealistic expectations and I refuse to kill myself for a job. I do Home Health and the charting is time consuming. And most companies hate to pay overtime. So no, I will not see 10 patients a day and be up till midnight charting. That is not safe and you cannot provide quality care. I've just finished an assignment that left a seriously bad taste in my mouth. Management was awful, no organization, lack of communication, unsafe and unrealistic expectations. They had their nurses seeing up to 15 people daily. Insane. They liked me but fired two of the other travelers while I was there.

    This assignment has me wanting to call it quits. I think travel nursing was rewarding in its day. But like anything in this day and age, companies including the staffing companies we work for have found a way to benefit themselves at our expense. Ned RN, had some really great suggestions in earlier posts here. I definitely would be leery working with your staffing agency after two cancellations. Hopefully, you and your kids are in a safe place and the next position, an even better position is starting soon. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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  10. by   dance4life
    My first contract was cancelled when I went with another agency that had better benefits and pay. Huge mistake the hospital had some complaints from their own staff with no backup and just fired me for hear-say. So I am spending my money while looking for a new assignment. I have been doing Travel for a year, since 2007 in which that did not ever happen to me with any other agency.

    As usual, the hospital had staffing issues and they really weren't that good of a place to work at. So that being said, "Things happen for a reason." Seriously, I like Travel nursing because of all the experience I have obtained from it. But, when you have no one to advocate for you I fell it isn't guaranteed. So ready to settle somewhere, but where I do not know, lol!
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