1. I like to know from those travel nurses who have worked in either or both of these companies the good and bad experiences they had. I am still in the process of research coz my contract is ending. Your response will help me to decide .Id like to know their benefits that are actually given and not just posted in the ad. Trustaff seems to advertise rates that are above 35/hr mostly. While Rn network has lower rates. Please advise and thanks for taking your time to read this message
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Please do your research here, you can do a search. The posted rate means absolutely nothing, but how you are getting paid and what is covered by it.

    Sure, you may see a job that posts pay of $5 more an hour, but will you be actually getting that, or your housing will be coming from that and more? You must know how they are doing their calculating and what they are actually going to be covering for you.
  4. by   pearldora
    I'm on an assignment w/ RN Network. Compared to other travellers at my current assignment, I think they're comparable, if not better, than others I've heard of. If you read enough posts on this website, you'll find feedback on Trustaff. I've never accepted an assignment with them, but there is some negative feedback somewhere on this website.

    I vote for RN Network!
  5. by   Dixielee
    Yep, I have been with RN Network 5 + years and think I have been treated very well. There is more to "salary" than meets the eye. Availability of recruiter and support staff is important, insurance, paychecks and other benefits are important.

    Search the other threads and you will get specifics from other staff as well. Good luck and Happy Traveling!
  6. by   ncrntraveler
    I have been with RNNetwork for 1.5 year. They have been nothing but respectful to me. They even once found me a new apartment closer to my assignment, because of traffic in the DC area. I was also once in the situation where another traveler working with RNNetwork was making 1.00 more than I, RNNetwork paid me back in the middle of the assignment for the time I was there. They also give you nice little "perks" like $50 gift certificates for Christmas-which I was able to use for a hotel. The money is good. Most assignments pay double money for OT. The tax advantages are great as well. As for my recruiter she always seems upbeat...I sometimes joke and say she has had too much prosac, because she is so full of energy. Hope this sheds light on RNNetwork and helps with your decision.:spin:
  7. by   RU Kidding Me?
    STAY AWAY FROM TRUSTAFF!!!!!!! I have been bamboozled. Long story short.I was supposed to be compensated today 7/22/2011 and haven't. I have called my recruiter Tom ALL DAY. He has not answered or responded to my phone calls or messages. I was told by the receptionist that he was 1)on another call, 2)at lunch, 3)still at lunch 4)away from his desk...which one is it? I asked to speak with someone who could give me information about my money. I was given the voicemail of someone named Heather who stated $672.83 was direct deposited into my account...no it wasn't. To make matters worse, I was supposed to be compensated around $1050.00! Heather emailed me a scanned copy of the check that was "direct-deposited" and a check stub. Trustaff deducted $576.00 for housing. I stayed in an Extended Stay hotel for 1 week....it didn't cost that much. Once again don't do business with Trustaff!!!! I'll keep you posted in regards to my money.
  8. by   hkLD5150
    I heard a few bad things about Trustaff when I was first looking, I just took my first travel assignment in CA.....I think I have pretty nice/sweet recruiter and my pay is pretty good....I guess I will have to wait and see if I have a bad experience with this company, however they are listed as a top 10 travel company so I suppose they are doing something right!!