AAArgggH references!!!!

  1. I have a concern hopefully you can help me with. I just finished up a three month contract and my other recruiter wants a reference for this place. I feel uncomfortable asking someone from work (yesterday was my last day )to give a reference to a rival agency ( they have no contract here) What should I do? What happens if they give me less than a good reference? Hellp!
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Why not just ask for a general letter of reference for your files, stating you know you'll be needing it for your next place of employment?

    Alternatively, ask a specific colleague, charge nurse or supervisor that you trust at your current assignment --maybe someone you got to know socially?--to give you a letter of reference.
  4. by   renerian
    Yes you could always say I get a letter of reference when I work somewhere that length of time. Say you keep a file in case you need them in the future.

  5. by   travel2lv
    Thanks everybody for the great ideas, I'll definately be asking for references tomorrow, now I have a better handle on how to go about it. I love this site!!
    Just ask the charge nurses and the nurse managers you worked under to give a reference... they will, its not a problem for them. Keep a copy in your personal file you keep so you can send the companys you want to have them. I always get a reference for my own file I know my company gets them as well but I like to have a back up if I plan on leaving the company for any reason.
  7. by   travel2lv
    Thanks for the advice, it's so great to talk with other nurses and work things out together, now I know what other nurses do for references. In the past I would go to my supervisor and ask for a written reference and would have to wait several days for them to type it up and sort of felt like I was imposing, I know that's crazy but that was how I felt. t2l