7 surprising reasons healthcare travelers are much needed

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    Why are traveler nurses needed? For a variety of reasons of course. We are a travel nursing couple and we are here to help YOU...

    7 surprising reasons healthcare travelers are much needed

    I've been a traveler for almost two years now.

    My wife and I have been to 3 states as travelers and have had multiple contracts.

    • Minnesota. 40 bed medical IMC. Level 2 trauma center
    • Oregon. 20 bed medical IMC. Level 4 trauma center
    • Wisconsin. 25 bed trauma IMC. Level 1 trauma center

    We are thinking about doing Hawaii or California at the beginning of next year. We love the glorious cheese curds too much here in good ole' Wisconsin to leave quite yet. We are now independent contractor travel nurses.

    I can tell you one thing: Travelers are extremely valuable. Without them, many hospitals would likely shut down or be in significant turmoil. We go into traveling for a number of reasons.

    For us, it was change from the crap, adventure to live, and the money to thrive. The change has been the most important to us. Healthcare travelers, not just nurses, fill the void our healthcare system desperately needs filled and it's not going to get any better.

    We could potentially be over a million nurses short in the next 5-10 years. You think our work conditions are going to get any better?

    • Better ratios?
    • Better equipment?
    • Safer equipment?
    • Up to date and efficient charting systems? Unlikely.

    We should band together and become a stronger team. Thank a traveler. They are your friends! That's why I started my YouTube channel. I wanted to give back to nurses because traveling is no joke and it's challenging to transition into. Check out my other videos if you have a moment. I answer travel nurse questions on there all the time.

    So, I say to you, love your travelers!

    We come in peace! I promise!
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  3. by   shivone
    I'm planning to take the plunge to traveling starting at the new year. Been enjoying your YouTube channel. Thanks!
  4. by   CreationNurse
    Great post again Andrew