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I have a house full of kids and a great husband. We are in need of some change in our life and I am thinking about doing some travel nursing. I think there is a lot to learn in life for my kiddos and I am thinking that this would be a great way for them to see a lot and for me to continue to have income as we travel. I would like to find longer assignments...what is the longest you can do a travel assignment? How does it work as far as housing if you travel with family? Do companies help you with the upfront cost of traveling? I am so new to this, but it sounds like so much fun!!!


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You could be on an assignment for 12months and longer. It all depends on you and the facility's budget.

Its been a long time since companies help you upfront with travel costs. They might set up your housing or make some hotel reservations along your trip but that is about it. You would get your milage reimbursement on your first check.

Unless you have an RV, taking your family with you could be a risky move. You would have to pay for their extra housing expense. Personally I wouldnt do it--There is way to much uncertainity for me. It might not be bad if you are not paying a Mtg back home..but then you lose your per diem.. I would put some serious research into this.


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I also am traveling with my family soon, I have an awesome husband and support system. We are keeping our house back home though and I'm staying on/call at my old job, I would recommend having some kind of stability to fall back on if things don't work out.

Good luck to You and don't mind all the negative out there. You are the one living your life not them. As long as your hubby and kids are behind you is all that matters!!:heartbeat

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Good for you! I'm traveling with my husband (stay at home dad) and 3yo son. We are traveling for a short season (started a year ago and will do another year or two) for the adventure. We are loving it. Don't do it for the money though. We pay $850 a month for family health insurance coverage. As for housing I'm thankful that so far for all but the first assignment I've negotiated for my package to include a two bedroom and linens/housewares. Even a washer/dryer at some.

You can often extend at some contracts, but it will start out as 8 or 13 weeks. Because I was picky on location I was out of work a few months last year. But we went into this willing to risk some of our savings. But we are having a great adventure.

Have you thought about Australia? I think they have two year contracts.

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I would certainly plan for the unexpected before doing this. Many times I have read about housing problems. These would only be worse with a family in tow.


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Everything gets worse with the family in tow! If it were me I would get to the assignment and start working for a few weeks to 1month before having them join me.