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Travel Nursing Dilemma(Sorry long post)

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Should I decline Assignment?

  1. 1. Should I decline Assignment?

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I recently went per diem at my current job and wanted to start travel nursing. I signed up with 2 companies so far.

Company A was basically harassing me to apply, and I saw that they had a bronze rating on one of the travel nursing websites so I returned the call finally. The recruiter wasn't terrible but I felt like I could tell he had an agenda, and after my plans no longer fit with his plans he basically stopped calling and texting. Even after I asked questions, he gave half-a** answers. I'm clearly not the priority with this guy and if I'm going to be traveling away from all of my support, I need to know that someone has my back. Although subtle...I feel like he just gave me the red flag I needed in order to predict what will happen when I'm in a tough situation.

Company B, I applied the same exact day as Company A and the process was completely different. She gave me all the info I asked for as soon as possible, she showed me my options, gave me pay packages with the names of the hospitals and submitted me to several assignments by the 4th day. Company A had only given me just a list of locations (no hospital names) and the positions they were offering, no pay packages; any info I asked for was brushed to the side and he asked if I would be willing to be submitted to a place before giving me any inkling to what the pay package would be.

The dilemma: Although I really like Company B and the recruiter so far, I was offered a job in NV with high pay (according to them), it looked like an overall okay place to work but they needed me to get ONS/ONC chemo certified by Oct 24 and I told my recruiter that I didn't feel comfortable signing that contract with such little time to take the test. Especially after doing more research, at this time of year and while I'm working at my other jobs...it just doesn't seem like a good thing to do. I see that people have studied for that test 3-6 months ahead of time and this situation would only be giving me about 1.5 months realistically to study, take and pass the test. I felt like I was being rushed to sign the contract and my recruiter is telling me it's very difficult to get a first travel assignment and that it's not a good idea to pass this up since I got so lucky. The company that called for an interview had apparently not been calling people back...and they got back to me in 2 days of submission. In the phone interview, all she asked me was if I had certification and if I would be willing to get it before the start date....so I can't imagine why it's so hard to get into the facility.

I'm leaning towards declining this assignment with Company B...at the risk of not getting anymore opportunities any time soon. But there's a reason I didn't quit my job 100%. I didn't want to get stuck and bullied into a contract I'm uncomfortable with. I'm very cautious b/c the thought of being stranded half way across the world, away from my family, friends, and work stability is terrifying. I would be fine if I knew I could trust my recruiter and my company but they haven't proven their reliability yet.

Also thinking of scrapping Company A altogether but maybe I should just find a different recruiter.

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There is no such thing as a must do now assignment. You will have great opportunities in the future. Keep company B and just let them know you cannot deliver the certification in their required time frame and decline...for now.

Certainly pursue getting chemo certification. It sure sounds like that will get you great job offers.

Ditch company a. Not even a close call nor are they worth an iota more of your time. Hopefully you didn't bother with all their paperwork? In the future, don't bother giving recruiters even your contact info if you don't click immediately with them and they are willing to share information.

My advice to all new travelers is to call a dozen agencies or so and pick the best three to five to sign up and work further with. Company b sounds like a good find! Two more like that and you will be in good shape.

Thank you so much, yea I feel like company B is really working with me. Unfortunately I did do paperwork with Company A and had my references receive calls from them so everything was all set, I asked to changed recruiters and the manager still hasn't contacted me the whole day. So you're probably right about me needing to get rid of them.

Could you reveal who is behind door A and B? (not the recruiter name, just the agency) It is helpful to others to get a picture of agency culture to start choosing who to call.

Generally I believe recruiters are more important than the agency brand, but each agency does have a distinct culture. An agency that doesn't share information, even after giving them tons of stuff, is unlikely to improve with another recruiter. You've had your blind date, put out, and nothing. If you won't put up with that in real life, how is this business relationship any different?


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Definitely drop company A. Save company B for future travel and find a job that you can accept now without the cert... get a coiple more companies on your docket so you can compare rates..


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As a chemo certified nurse, if you've never done it or been exposed to it, it's difficult to find a groove at a new facility unless they are willing to teach you. Some facilities don't want travelers giving chemotherapy. I'd want to talk to the actual facility about the chemotherapy expectations before I signed anything.