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i have accepted a postion at queens hospital in honolulu. and have a few questions about hawaii. i have never been. i will be in hawaii from jan til april or may. should i get a car, if so does anyone know where to get long term rentals. also what are some must do things while i am there- something the tourist may not know about. whatever info wold be helpful. thanks


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Bus system here is pretty good now that the recent bus strike is over. Queens is pretty much in the middle of Honolulu so there is a lot you can do depending on what you like. I'd just suggest talking with the staff about local activities once you are here.


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I was wondering if you would mind telling me your company name and pay rate out in Hawaii. My friend and I want to travel together and I am trying to prove her wrong on pay rates. (hopefully). you could PM me if you like. Also what unit you work on would be helpful. She seems to think the pay out there is less than $20:( I don't believe her. Thanks a lot!!!


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the regular staff rate at queen's is $43 or so for an experienced rn. traveler rates might be a lot less depending what they're including. cost of living in hawaii is one of the highest in the nation so if your agency is including a place to stay in your contract then that's a big chunk of your paycheck.

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