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So I am looking into travel nursing, if possible doing postpartum (mothers only). Does anyone have any experience doing this or think it is possible? Most of the positions I see are for mother/baby. Problem is the hospital where I am permanently employed has postpartum and the well baby nursery as two separate units, so I don't have any experience with newborns. I've been a nurse for 4 years (2.5 yrs postpartum, 1.5 yrs step-down intermediate care) and would rather continue doing postpartum while trying out traveling until I go permanent somewhere hopefully doing mother/baby where I can get proper orientation.

Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated!


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Call some agencies and ask how employable you are! My suspicion is that larger hospitals having a larger staff will be better able to make appropriate daily assignments easier than smaller hospitals.

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You will have a hard time without Newborn exp. Couplet care is becoming the norm. You will be limited, however you can still try. I just don't see any good rates available in that area at all.