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Travel Assignment @ Cleveland Clinic?


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Just curious, has anyone here worked an assignment at Cleveland Clinic? Specifically, the main campus in Cleveland - not the one in Florida. I'm interested in taking my nursing career to the next level in cardiac once I'm done with travel nursing to change specialties (CCU or ED).

I'm not too keen on going to Cleveland for 3 months (no offense to anyone from there, just that I've never envisioned Cleveland as a travel destination, plus I've never been there so I guess I'm naive about its potential lure), but if the benefits of having this hospital on my resume in line with my goals are worth it, I'm willing to give it a go.

What's it like there? Thoughts?


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Lifelong Clevelander here! I may be biased, but I think it is a great city. Fairly low cost of living, downtown becoming more populated and active, and a beautiful lake! I think you will find a lot to like about this area

A family member of mine was treated at the Cleveland clinic. I was very impressed with the nursing staff and they all seemed very involved and caring, no real signs of burnout. Cleveland is not great and the surrounding neighborhood is a bit dodgy, but it seems like a great place to work. World class care too.

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I live about an hour and a half from Cleveland so I've been there numerous times. It's definitely not a "travel destination" and I most definitely would not go there in the winter (hello lake effect snow!). There's a lot to do in the vicinity, good shopping, tons of sports, good nightlife, Cedar Point is close by. But, as far as CC goes, they are a very good hospital and I think you'd probably learn a lot! I can't speak from work experience but I know they're good.

I work there in the Heart and Vascular institute. It's amazing and I've learned a lot!


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Thanks for all the info! I will keep it in the radar for future consideration. And this will definitely NOT be for the winter (I have lived in Buffalo, so I know too well what lake effect snow is like).

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My current nurse manager in the CVICU just got here from the Cleveland Clinic. She was the manager of the CVICU there. She said they never took travelers. She said she might have heard of the MICU taking one or two travelers during truly desperate times but overall she said she never hired travelers. She also said the acuity was very very high, they would all take two fresh hearts every day, transfer two out from yesterday and receive two new hearts per nurse per day. Very demanding.


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Did you end up finding a travel assignment in Cleveland? I'm looking for my first travel job (MSICU RN) and have been told there are few jobs in the area...