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Just a quick note, Trauma life in the ER is showing an episode filmed at my institution. I believe it will air on Monday.

I probably will not be on it though as they did most of thier filming in the day.

Anyway, have a good day.


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I'll be watching for a guy with a glove on his head!

Don't they know all the fun happens at night?

My husband and kids can tell when its on-they hear me yelling...for chrisssakes tube em and shut em up!


I love that show! I'll be sure to watch. BTW last week's episode was at my hospital - Baylor UMC in Dallas.


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There's a couple of episode (that are a couple of years old) that still turn up that were done at Emanual in Portland Oregon. My youngest gets a kick out of seeing his trauma docs from his CHI in'97- of course he doesn't remember them from the time...

anyway, in the Emanual episodes the guy who got shot in the face by the police is a friend of my ex ( couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...chlorine anyone?).



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I work @ Yale and we were on there about a month ago, and will be back on in January. I saw a frequent flier who they put on our cardiac step-down floor a lot. He was just in the ED to have staples pulled from a previous surgery.

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