Transitioning into RN position after graduation, etc.

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I currently work on a medical surgical unit and am very happy. I was told that instead of interviewing, I would just go into the position as an RN.

I graduate in May and I'm curious if I'll need to sign a contract? When do they usually do this? I'm curious when I'll get an official offer, and not just verbally. They all seem really excited about me 

also, if anyone here has done the HCA StaRN program. Can you tell me your experience? I'll admit, I  haven't heard great things... but tell me your experiences

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When I transitioned, I received the majority of my information when I reported to HR to pick up my new RN badge. I was already licensed as an LPN, so the only thing that changed was the badge. I still had the same patients from the night before. There was no nurse residency program for me. 

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