Transitioning from bedside nursing to case manager for insurance companies


Hello! I know this topic has been acknowledged many times, but I am having difficulty with trying to transition from bedside nursing to a work at home position with an insurance company. I love my job, but with a family of 7 and a traveling husband it becomes difficult for me to find "extra" time to work. I have 4 1/2 years experience in ICU and ED departments. I have also been cross-trained in PACU, Med/Tele, and Observation.

A little background:

I am first respondent to codes and RRT's, precept new interns in ICU, charge nurse experience, PICC trained (and assist with education and training others with PICCs), participate in daily multi-disciplinary rounds, interact closely with physicians, case management, and other disciplines for patients' safe discharges with needs met, assisted with initiation on Epic Care Connect in the ICU and ED, active member of NPC, Peer Review, council for initiation of appropriate end-of-life comfort measures, and ICU Unit Based Council. I am a strong patient advocate.

I currently do not have my BSN but am working on it and will have by end of 2015. I guess I need help with any information on how to get my foot into the door. I have applied to many positions without any success. I know I have the capability and compassion to succeed in this endeavor, but am not sure where to begin for someone to give me that chance.

Any advise and good insurance companies that are currently hiring would be greatly appreciate. I am willing to train, but currently need an at home position that doesn't require a year of in office first.

Thank You in advance for all your advise.

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You must be willing to represent your company's position on any given claim. That position may or may not coincide with your vow as a nurse to be a patient advocate.

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All insurance companies are hiring . Most will consider an ASN.

Where have you applied and is your resume done by a professional?

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I have worked for 2 large insurance companies. I have an ADN. If you don't have case management experience the ones I work for looked next to home health experience, because we do field visits.