Transferring credits to another school


I just started another school and want to transfer my credits. A few of my grades are not so good from the other school, but I want to retake the classes and do better at the new one. Will this affect my gpa for getting into nursing school?

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I don't know a specific answer, but I would suggest contacting an advisor in the school you are transferring into, they maybe able to give you some information. Good luck!


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you are going to have to ask your schools nursing department about that. transfer credits will not effect your new gpa, but if the nursing department wants the grades from the previous school (which most do if they are pre-req classes) than they can get those grades.

when you transfer institutions, a transfer credit will show as "t" on your transcript.

i don't know if i answered your question


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also, didn't you nee to send your transcripts during the application process to your new school? please make sure you send them asap because you could get in trouble for that

good luck!!!


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Also for the most part only the classes that are above 100 level as well as passed with a grade of C or better will transfer. As IsabellasMommaRN2B said make sure you send in your transcripts ASAP so that your grades and everything can be evaualed in a timely manner.

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