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Hello All,

I have a question about how to transfer to another state. I'm graduating from a Southern California junior college program as am RN. With the high competition here getting a job, and many years of being a poor single parent in school... I need to work. I have gotten offers in Montana and Idaho. My question is, once I settle on where to go (I'm not staying here) should I just take the boards there? If so, how do I do that? Or can I do that after I've received my education here?

Advice is welcome- thank you so much!

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NCLEX is a national exam. It does not matter where you take it. What you need to decide is to which state you will apply for licensure. That will determine where you can receive a license, not where you take the test. You can attend school in CA, apply for licensure in IA, but take the exam in any Pearson Vue center worldwide.

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Stepping up on my soapbox. If your nursing education program hasn't addressed the basic issues of NCLEX registration and application for licensure, they need to do so. Please contact your academic advisor or the program director and request an appointment to discuss these very important questions, and then insist they provide the same for your classmates.

I'm not sure if you are not yet far enough along in your program to have been exposed to this information, or if like a growing number of programs, it is not provided in a comprehensive manner, but any basic nursing education program that fails to inform its students of these critical professional issues is failing to meet its responsibilities.

Stepping down now :) Best of luck to you.

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Since your job offers most likely are contingent on you having a license to practice in those states you should be applying to the state board of nursing for the state you plan to work in. You should plan on taking the NCLEX shortly after graduation so that you will be ready to work when they are ready to have you.

After you apply to either the Montana or Idaho board of nursing, you'll receive the Authorization to Test and with that you register with Pearson Vue to take the test wherever it's convenient. The results are sent to the BON you applied to.

Good luck!