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I am so frustrated right now, it's not even funny. icon_mad.gif

I've been requesting my transcripts to be sent to the 2 colleges with the most pressing deadlines (January 15th) to try to get into a nursing program and it's making me crazy!!!!!

I went to 3 different colleges in Texas (I live in Washington State now), and I sent the requests out before Christmas. I've been checking my credit card online statement obsessively looking for activity showing that they've been sent, but to no avail. So I start calling. One college told me they'd sent it out on December 31... I am hoping that one is in the admissions office awaiting entry into the computer, as it's not showing up on my app status page.

Another college said they didn't get my request at all (I called to check on Jan 7th). Gave me the option to resend, saying it would be processed in 6-7 business days... (bearing in mind that the deadline, as stated above is January FIFTEENTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) When I tried to impress this upon her and ask her to expedite it, she was very grumpy with me and would offer no guarantees. So I sent another request, with a cover letter explaining my situation, that this was the second request, and the deadlines I was up against, and also included the e mail confirmation that the fax was sent, and the number was correct, and the fault was not with me.

I called again later to see if that fax was received, which it was, and fortunately this woman was much nicer. I explained my sitch to her, she said she would sneak it through that day. But then later she called me because she found my original request and we had to sort that situation out. *sigh* so I'm paying for them to Fed Ex it up here... better than than hoping the mail will make it, especially with all the flooding happening around the state. That got sent out today (she sent the fed ex slips).

So, I'm thinking crisis averted, right?

Not quite.

I went to community colleges here... the one I am in currently and one other. I called the other school, and they hadn't received my fax either!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then when she looked up my file, it didn't show me having a transcript at all! (I withdrew from class without receiving credit). Since I listed them as a college I went to (I was directed to include ALL colleges attended whether credit was earned or not). So I had to fax a letter asking them to send a letter saying that I attended but didn't earn credits. Of course, when I went to do that, my scanner wasn't working, so I had to go to the *******' UPS store and pay $3 to fax this letter. *sigh*

And finally, another of my Texas schools, I can't even get a human being on the phone to ask about the status of my request... so I have no idea at this point if it went through or not.

On the plus side, the school that is Fed Exing my transcript, faxed me a copy of my unofficial transcript, too. The unofficial transcript has ALL of my grades from all of the Texas schools I went to. I am secretly hoping that if by some weird chance any of those transcripts don't make it, that maybe that would suffice. *fingers crossed*

The superstitious part of me is wondering if this isn't a portent of things to come... or maybe this is just a test of my determination, making me jump thru all these damn hoops to get everything settled. If it is the latter, I certainly hope that my dedication is rewarded!!!

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wow..i thought i was the ONLY one who went thru such aggravating circumstances!!!! good luck, hope everything gets there on time...i know its a pain!!!

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Best of luck to you!

I understand your frustration! 25 years ago, I was a freshman in college, hated my major and decided to apply to another school's nursing program. My room-mate, a year older decided to do the same. We sent in our applications, requested our transcripts and assumed all was well. I don't know what made me do this, but I called the nursing program a day or two before the deadline to make sure my file was complete. My transcript was missing and if not there by the deadline, I would not be considered. I called the transcript office of my current school and found out that they had wrongly assumed that I wanted the transcript sent at the end of the semester in May (so why would I have requested it in January?) They said they would send it out that day, but I knew it would never make it in time. This was long before faxes, the nursing school was 200 miles away, and I had no car. I went home crying to my room-mate that I was doomed to be a chemist after all. That night, my room-mate's boyfriend showed up for a surprise Valentine's Day visit. Guess where he lived? In the same town as the nursing program. He hand delivered my transcript the next day, and I got in. The same day I received m acceptance letter, my room-mate got a letter stating that she had not been considered for the program since her transcript was never received.

She's an accountant now and seems reasonably happy, although I think she would have made a great nurse!


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Awww that's a great story. :)

I am hoping that if nothing else, the fact that the one transcript has my grades from all the Texas schools I attended on it will count, if nothing else... and also that the fax I sent today gets that letter to admissions before the deadline.

The SON deadline is earlier than the university deadline, so they accept unofficial transcripts, which I have.

I just really wish I could get a hold of someone at that one school, to check the status... as is, I can't even find out if they received the darn thing! :banghead:

*deep breaths*

This will work out.... this will work out... this will work out....


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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

I know this is too late for you, but when I applied to nursing schools, I had my former schools send ME the official transcripts. The nursing schools actually wanted all the application materials in one envelope, anyway. The transcripts were all sealed, with the registrar's stamp across the back of the envelope, so it was obvious I had not opened them. That way, I knew for sure that the transcripts had arrived on time, and I didn't depend on the schools to send them to the schools I was applying to by the appropriate deadline.

Sorry you are having such a rough time! You'll be laughing about this some day when you are a nurse. :)


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Isn't applying to nursing school fun?! Just kidding, I am sorry you are going through this. Don't back down, hound them every day until you know they have mailed your transcripts. I also had several official copies of all of my transcripts sent directly to me so that I could hand deliver them to my school. Always remember to keep a copy of every important document in your life, people will lose things left and right.

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