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TPAPN and work


Does anyone know how many hours a week is considered full time to satisfy TPAPN requirements?

Don't have one , She quit

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it should be right here:


6. Nursing Practice

6.A. Nursing positions must be approved by TPAPN Case Manager prior to signing

a Work Agreement. Work Agreements are to be signed prior to

commencement of nursing practice.

1. Participants must demonstrate a minimum of one year of safe nursing practice, (a minimum of

64 hours per month).

2. TPAPN will continue to monitor nurse's practice for the duration of their participation.

3. Nurse's must inform TPAPN of all nursing employment as well as any employment outside of nursing.

(Employment outside of nursing isn't monitored by TPAPN).

6.B. Before TPAPN will approve any employment in nursing, participants must:

1. Submit all required treatment documentation and enrollment forms

2. Register for drug screening and submit negative drug test result and receive chain of custody (COC)

forms necessary for drug screening (does not apply to some psychiatric disorder participants)

3. Be engaged in treatment and submit a signed WORK RELEASE FORM from the appropriate

treatment provider(s)

4. Notify employer of participation in TPAPN and of any licensure action

5. Provide TPAPN with signed consent for employer

6.C. A nurse who does not return to nursing practice by the expected date of

completion will be reported to the TX BON by TPAPN.