TPAPN officially completed!! yeah for no more daily check-ins!!!:p


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huge congrats yeaaaah..don't lose touch with us who are still in the are an inspiration for all of us. Thank you for that.


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Congratulations! TXRN2 thats awesome I have 3 long years just beginning....I wish you all the best! Are you working? Dont forget about us:)

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Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!!!


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:)@jmo1231- yes, i am working. i was very fortunate to go back to work soon. the job is a double-edged sword- but that is an entirely different issue- i'm most grateful to have it! i won't forget about this site. my morning ritual was to have coffee, check in with first lab, then see what's happening on this site. i will continue to check in here- to see what's going on! best of luck to you, too!

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Congratulations! It was hard work and you did it! I have 12 more months left to complete TPAPN, no bumps in the road yet for me.......Good luck to you.


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yay!!! Congrats to you!! As everyone else has said, don't forget us! Learninglessons, I got your email but it won't let me reply because I haven't posed enough entries. Please let me know how it went.