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TPAPN support group


Hi everyone,

I have posted this information previously as a response but thought I would post it as a separate topic also. Sage Recovery in Austin is starting a support group for TPAPN participants. Right now it is scheduled for 9 AM on Thursdays and is free of charge. They also offer Yoga Therapy and Acupuncture at a nominal charge- I think $15-20. They would like for people to call ahead so they can plan-(512)-306-1394. I'm currently participating in their Relapse Prevention Plan and I love it!

catmom1, BSN, RN

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I don't live in your area, but thanks for posting this. If I did live near you, I'd love to take part in what sounds like a great opportunity for support in recovery. :cat:

Catmom :paw:

Nursing is a second career for me. I am older, brand new, male, and voluntarily enrolled in TPAPN as part of an agreement to sit for NCLEX. I have only had one offense ever, a misdemeanor DWI five years ago. I do not know how to go about getting a job, or even know any other nurses that are in TPAPN. There is no way anybody would ever consider hiring a new nurse who cannot dispense narcotics. I would really like to meet other nurses and hopefully find an opportunity to nurse, dont care where it is or what it pays.

Thank you for responding. I am an experienced nurse but experiencing tremendous difficulty in finding a job that is TPAPN compliant. I can imagine it is difficult for new graduates as well. If you are in the Austin area please join us next Thursday AM.

How is this group? I was thinking about going.

That sounds so awesome!!!!i wish we something like that in our area. It was so hRd to even find a great NA group to go to!!!