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I'm really struggling right now. I'm am planning on self refering to TPAPN due to being arrested for a DWI (3rd arrest, 1st possible convvtion, the other two arrest got dismissed). I have never had any prior convictions of DWI on my record before, however I am almost sure I'm going to get my first conviction with this pending DWI.

I was on a board order around the time I got arrested with this DWI, but I was told by the board that I completed my board order with no issues. Now I have this pending DWI case over me... A TPAPN self referral appears to be the only option from avoiding discipline by the board,

I currently have a Case Managment job, do you think TPAPN will accept the Case Managment job and consider it as my required 64 hours of RN work for TPAPN?

I'm trying to set my jobs up before refering myself because I don't want to be out of a job due to it not being TPAPN approved and/or not being TPAPN friendly.

So I guess the first question is will a case manager job be considered as an RN job under TPAPN, or can I use my case manager job as a side job that TPAPN does not have to supervise me through ?


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I am not certain about your state (Texas is TPAPN, right?) but I've heard that there are a few variations between states: Length of contract, lab used for random testing, etc).

I'm in PA. According to the contract they give here, if you are working as a nurse when you self-report or are reported, you are required to cease nursing practice, until the program allows you to return to nursing work. The contract states you must resign immediately. Then, once you're done rehab (in-patient, IOP, 90 meetings in 90 days) your therapist must give the ok to case manger and case manager 'petitions' the board to give you permission to return to nursing. Before you can even request to return to nursing, you are required to have 3 clean urines. My program seems to have 2X a month, so it can take a little while be able to start working again.

Usually restrictions are: no handling of controlled substance, not working certain units (ICU, cath lab, OR etc), no home health/agency work, do not function in a supervisory role, etc. Case management is a specialty that usually is recovery friendly, as it usually meets all the restrictions of program.

What was your first board order for? If it was related to substance issues, it won't look good to them, to have been drinking when the order strictly prohibits it.

Not to sound mean, but this is your 3rd DWI and you were fortunate to have the first two expunged/erased from your record. I'm not sure of the circumstances with each offense, but it appears you haven't really taken responsibility to ensure your first charge was the only one & that you've learned your lesson. That won't look good, either. In my limited courtroom experience, the justice system would not be happy about the first two times being expunged and now you have another DWI. Simple reasoning would ask why judge should give you a 3rd chance, when you appear to have not changed your actions. You received two 2nd chances and you've pretty much said 'thanks for the leniency but I'm not going to demonstrate my appreciation'.

One positive: self-reporting is better than being reported by employer.

If you're employer is understanding and willing to keep you on staff, that is a nice bonus. I think susbstance abuse falls under the FMLA umbrella, so you're job is hopefully safe. If you're also required to cease nursing initially after reporting/signing contract perhaps you could take a leave of absence. I've heard about a lucky handful of nurses, that had a good employer and were willing to work with the nurse. Another nurse I personally know was promised by her employer, her job would be waiting for her, when she can nurse again. New managed called her & for whatever reason did not hold her position.

As far as not telling TPAPN about a case management job, I'm learning more towards telling them. If you don't and you begin the return to work process, they could (likely they would) find out and that isn't good; to be caught in a lie (omission of info). I would just run it by your case manager/whatever TPAPN calls them. Hopefully they'll appreciate the honesty and give a little leeway; I wouldn't hold my breath though, at least in PA.

Sorry to sound so negative. Good luck on being able to hopefully keep your job. please let us know how things progress.


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I too have had trouble with DWI (alcohol). Once I was "convicted", I reported to BON and self refered to TPAPN. Prior to the conviction I went to IOP (this was covered by my insurance), I started AA, did the 90/90 mtgs, started volunteering for a local recovery group, kept a log of everything. By the time I went to court for the DWI, I was able to receive a reduced sentence because of my recovery work. When I disclosed to BON of the arrest/conviction, and subsequent recovery work, I did not lose my job, (I had great support network at my work) they accepted all the recovery work I'd done, started into TPAPN with the only stipulation being no on call (darn!, didn't like being on call anyway), as far as the case manager job, it may be accepted as long as you are directly supervised, if you are out in the field this may cause a problem. Hope this gives some hope ...Peace...


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In PA. Self reported to my state's monitoring program. Took a leave of absence from my critical care position. Completed IOP, 90/90, etc. After 4 months was approved to return to work by the BON. Transitioned into a non-clinical RN position in same hospital. Blessed by the grace and mercy of my Higher Power! Grateful beyond words. This is the "short version". Best wishes.


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