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Hi fellow TPAPN scourge. Haha. What the hell am I supposed to do when my county is on lock down???? Go to quest lab still? For my random? Did anyone get that vague, useless email from TPAPN today? It was sick... we may penalize you, we may not, we don’t know, but stay strong in your recovery? My area is on lockdown. And I’m thinking of just violating the order and getting my test Bc no way I want my prison time extended. What’s everyone else doing?

Mississipi hasn't been put on lockdown so I am assuming we still do our random drug tests. Alot of businesses here are just doing call in/take out orders but I know our clinics and urgent care centers are open . I did my last U/A on 3/16- right when this all began! So I am just wondering whats gonna happen now that there are more and more cases every day and more deaths! Stay strong! Hugs from Mississippi 🙂

We are on lockdown (Indiana), and our tests are suspended until it’s lifted. Rightfully so! Most of the outpatient labs here are working on Limited schedules (if at all), so I don’t even know where I would go test, if that wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t want to risk getting sick, but I wouldn't want my “sentence” extended either. That puts you in a bind. Keep us posted, and stay safe!

Good! I wish MS was on lockdown! I don’t wanna go into any clinic right now. If I get selected anytime soon I will be wearing a face mask! LOL. Thank you!

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I am in TPAPN also, and I am in Williamson county, so yes, shelter in place orders.

I did get the email and I am hoping they will not penalize. I did check with the lab I usually use and my alternate location and neither are doing the Covid-19 testing, but I know they are limited hours, etc.

One of the things I worry about is if they suspend testing for a while, they may hit us with more expensive (long term results) test, like hair and nails. I cannot afford that. I have been out of work since October and funds are so low, I can see the bottom of my change purse, LOL!

I know it is risky, but I would rather go a couple times per month, and wear my homemade face mask and get it over with for the 55 dollars than to have a huge expenses with them doing a bunch of hair follicle test or nail tests once it is over.

I do not know, I am torn.

You can leave your home for medical purposes. Testing is a medical purpose to be out.

Yeah they order me to go get tested I’m going. It’s a horrible idea especially if I’m a carrier in that I could be spreading disease but I guess I’d rather risk causing death or death itself than spending another minute in this poop