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  1. Indiana

    TPAPN and COVID 19

    We are on lockdown (Indiana), and our tests are suspended until it’s lifted. Rightfully so! Most of the outpatient labs here are working on Limited schedules (if at all), so I don’t even know where I would go test, if that wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t want to risk getting sick, but I wouldn't want my “sentence” extended either. That puts you in a bind. Keep us posted, and stay safe!
  2. Indiana


    Also, If you are anywhere near Plainfield, there is a great nursing support meeting there. I can give you info if you are near there. That has been the biggest help for me. Talking to others who are going through it, or who have been through it. It really helps with this whole process.
  3. Indiana


    It’s an easy process. You call and set a date to come in. I don’t know where you are located, but They are located in Valparaiso. Once there they will ask what happened, just be honest. You will go through a series of computer questions about relationships, substance abuse, etc. It took less than an hour if I remember correctly. They will go over results and call you (took about a week for me) to go over your contract. They will send you contract (RMA) that will need to be signed and notarized. Before you sign your contract you will have to have drug testing done. Everyone’s experience is different (I think it depends on your case manager). Some I have talked to had hair, blood, and urine. I only had to do a urine screen. Most likely your contract will be 3 yrs. I know some have gotten 5 though, but that doesn’t seem to be common. You will have drug tests about every couple of weeks. You will have a number of self help meetings a week (they can be anything. Na, SMART, aa, nursing support, therapy) you may have other requirements as well (quarterly psychiatrist etc). From what I have read, Indiana isn’t nearly as bad as other states programs, BUT... if there is a question of diversion, and you have to go before the board, everything will be public. Also, I’m not sure where you are located but if it’s Marion county you will most likely be charged (if they have proof anyway). Every case is different though, so it’s hard to tell you what to be expecting, but be prepared for that. I have been in for 5 months, and it’s very doable. Let me know if you have any questions. It soooo scary at first! It does get better I promise!
  4. Indiana

    False positive urine

    Agreed, it’s my biggest fear in this program. Keep us posted on how it goes. Keep fighting the fight.
  5. Indiana

    Received board order via email , feeling overwhelmed!!!

    Yes! Keep us posted on how it goes!
  6. Indiana

    Received board order via email , feeling overwhelmed!!!

    Ugh! I can’t believe that you have to do monitoring after 3 1/2 yrs! Can you get a lawyer and go to the settlement conference to negotiate it? It just seems excessive after all of this time, especially when you have proof of your sobriety. May be expensive, but so is years of monitoring and probation. I can imagine how overwhelming it would seem after all of those years.
  7. Indiana

    dwis before nursing school?

    Yes you can. Like the above poster said, you may end up in monitoring upon completion, but it’s definitely doable. Congrats on being sober. You have the hardest part done already.
  8. Indiana

    Bleach wipes

    I too, love the smell of iodoform! Lol That is so weird. I can’t tell you if they would report you for that, but I certainly wouldn’t think they would. And they told you this is why you were fired?
  9. Indiana

    Board hearing

    What did you do about the letters from the AG? Did you answer? Report that you were in Monitoring? I’m so confused by this whole process.
  10. Indiana

    Narc Restrictions?

    I just got my RMA, and mine is worded the same as yours. My case manager said mine was 1 yr on the phone, so I imagine yours is the same.
  11. Indiana

    What would happen if I just surrendered my license?

    Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In Indiana it seems that everyone is being charged (they are really cracking down). It usually takes about 3-4 months (from what I have read). I wouldn’t speak to an investigator, because everything you say can (and will) be used against you.
  12. Indiana

    What would happen if I just surrendered my license?

    Honestly, for you... it has been so many years. If they thought you were a problem certainly they would done something before this. Go in there, and show them that you are sober, with everything you have done... I mean everything. Have respect, and tell them you are sorry, and willing to do anything you can to keep your license. You may end up in monitoring land. But I certainly hope after all you have done they won’t suspend. Maybe probation and monitoring, but that is something you can deal with. Be honest, because it goes a long way. I have heard it can go both ways with a lawyer (either they get mad that you have one and want to punish you, or they are more respectful), so I don’t know what to tell you about that. But what I have learned in this so far is that honesty, and being humbled by what you went through will serve you well. Don’t stress too much about it, or you will drive yourself crazy! We are all here for you
  13. Indiana

    Narc Restrictions?

    I am just starting the process, so I am probably not much help. I did call the assistance program the day I was fired and got in ASAP. I only did this because I heard that helps when dealing with the board. I would make sure I have all of the documents of your sobriety (in pt, out of, AA meetings etc.) maybe even letters from managers, employees that work with you? I hope everything goes well for you!
  14. Indiana

    Reporting conviction to BON

    I believe it depends on what state you are in, and the board requirements. Most are within 90 days from my research. Are you in a monitoring program? If not, that may be a requirement. May want to get advice from an attorney that deals with the board you are working with. They may be able to answer this, and help you.
  15. Indiana

    Narc Restrictions?

    Went over my contract with INPRP case manager. I will have narc. Restrictions. I wonder why you didn’t get any? I would talk to your case manager. Maybe because you stated you didn’t work with them they left that out of your RMA?
  16. Indiana

    Indiana nurses

    i am actually from Plainfield. Where and what time?

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