tourist visa to immigration visa?? what steps to take? please help


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hi im new here...glad to be part of this hoping to find answers and maybe some mentors on this site to help me with my questions... im currently a graduating student of nursing here in the philippines... its my second course...i already have a tourist visa which expires on 2010... I want to know if what steps should i make or what exams to take so that i could easily apply for an immigrant visa untli my us visa expires....please help me...

what should i take first? nclex or cgfns? im hoping to work in L.A cause thats were most my relatives are

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First, you can not apply for an immigrant visa, you must be sponsored by an employer. You only have six months maximum on your tourist visa, doesn't matter how many years that it is good for, that is all of the time that you can remain in the US at one time.

Do not even consider coming to the US until you have permission to sit for the NCLEX exam, and you are actually better off getting it done before you even consider coming to the US. I do not recommend CA for initial licensure for a foreign grad. Please read the stickies at the top of the International Forum and it will answer all of your quesitons, about what to do and what definitely not to do.

If you have any questions concerning immigration to the US, please post those on the International Forum.


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thank you so much ms i guess...i nees to apply first for NCLEX? what about the english exams? there are many that ive seen> ielts?toefl? twe?.... which among those should i take? and when is it advisable to take them? is it before i take the nclex? or can i simultaneosly take them while im reviewing for the ncle... im really confused...please help

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You cannot apply for NCLEX exam directly, you need to apply to a state for licensure, and once your credentials are accepted, then you sit for the NCLEX exam. But you cannot take it until you get permission from a state that you are eligible to sit for the exam.

You need either the TOEFL series, or the IELTS series. Since you are in the Philippines, I only recommend the IELTS series for you. But this can change depending on the state where you wish to work, some have English requrements for licensure, and if they do, most want the TOEFL series. You will need to do your own homework on this.

English exams are normally just needed for immigration purposes, the green card.


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yes i agree with suzanne

english examination are for immigrant purposes " green card "

but I suggest you take it too so that everything is ready

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