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Hi, I am a 2nd semester nursing student and I am required to write a paper on newborns: TORCH in APIE format.

I am having trouble how to start off and what information should be included since it's in APIE format.

The instructions says 1-4 pages long and to keep it simple and to the point.

Can someone help please? Thank you.

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Do you mean APA format? If so, here's the best online resource for it:

Or do you mean the ADPIE (assessment, diagnosis, etc.) as it relates to the nursing process? That should be covered in your Fundamentals text.

Our papers are always PICOT (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, Timing) and must be written in APA format. Does that make sense?


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Thank you! I meant APIE. Assessment, planning, Intervention, and Evaluation. I know what they stand for but I never wrote a paper on a topic (TORCH) in APIE format.

Should I do signs and symptoms for each disease in TORCH as my assessment? Then write what the patient will do for planning. Nwxt write what the nurse will do for intevention. Then last evaluate?

Not sure if I'm on the right page.

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You need to clarify this with your instructor. APIE/ADPIE is the nursing process and not an "official format" like APA. This sounds like a case study OR you misunderstood and the instructor wants APA format.


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Thank you. Nope, it is an APIE (Assessment, Planning, Intervention, Evaluation) paper on Newborn: TORCH.

I know what TORCH is, I just don't know how to write an APIE paper, especially on a topic like TORCH.

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I have never seen the term before, but I'll make an educated guess:

First section: Nursing assessment for patient with TORCH

Second section: Planning nursing care for patient with TORCH

Third section: Nursing interventions for patient with TORCH

Fourth section: Evaluating effects of interventions (and you should probably include eventualities for changes in the plan prn)

If this seems entirely too esoteric...ask your instructor.

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