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Took 265 questions and failed--A question about pass line

by athesenar athesenar (New) New

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I took my Nclex-RN exam on 12/7/2012. In my exam, I did 265 questions, and about 50% of them were SATA questions, a couple math, one picture, about 25% of them were priority questions.

Yesterday, I got my official notice, and showed "Near the passing standard" in all content areas. I just wonder whether I have to get "Above the passing standard" in all content areas to pass the exam or I can pass the exam by some of them are "Above" and the rest are "Near" ?

Awwww sorry to hear this. For a PASS result, all areas must read "ABOVE the Passing Standard."

According to NCSBN, "The number of questions you answered is an indication of how close you were to the passing standard. Only those candidates whose performance was close to the passing standard had to answer the maximum number of questions."


Good Question!!!!! I took my nclex in September and My results In every category said near Passing. Except for the basic care and comfort. Which of course is the easiest topic( smh). I figured that that's why I did not pass I had 265 questions also.


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Thank you for the answer. I will study more and take it again later. Hopefully I will pass it next time. Right now, I have to focus on my coming baby. I will have a new baby on Dec 21,2012. Wow! I hope I still can sit 6 hours after 2 months.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

hi athesenar

same happens with me....i sit in exam on 12/6/2012 and got all 265questions and yesterday i got my result and i didn't pass and all are near the passing standard nothing is above an nothing is below.....m so upset....:scrying: wht i have to do??? how i have to start study again....m also pregnant and my delivery is in march.... wht all stuff i have to study to get my result above the passing standard....plz help if u have any suggestion.....


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Hi Gkbaby,

Sorry to reply you late. I was busy with preparing my C-section this Friday.

Congratulations for your pregnancy. It is much harder to prepare the exam during this time. However, I believe you will pass it if you don't give up. I am sorry to hear that you also got this crazy result. Don't feel upset, we just need study more and think more about the style of questions. We will pass it!

I am happy that I took 265 questions because I could see more real ones during the exam and it also means I was very close to pass. So what I will do is after baby, I will focus on review class for about 6-8 weeks, and than I may try the questions from NCSBN. Anyway they form this NCLEX-RN exam, so their practice questions should be the most similar style as the real exam. I plan to take the exam again at the end of Feb or early Match depends on the situation. There will be some changes starting from April 1,2013.

The materials I have are

Kaplan review book 12 edition

Sauders 5 editon

Kaplan strategies,practice and review

Kaplan trainer

35 pages useful information from this website

One of my suggestions is "don't take it closing to your due day". It is too hard to sit there near the end of your pregnancy.

Second is don't focus too much. Find out your weak parts. For example, my weak parts are language ( I came from other country.), information (I graduated in 2006.), and I was weak at the time when I took the exam. My strong parts are math ( I never have even single one math question wrong during the practice, and I am also 100% sure I did all math questions correct during the exam.), strategies (such as ABC, assessment and other rules.)--However, if you don't have any idea about what they talk about, it doesn't matter how much rules you know about the tricky questions. So my plan is do review class first to improve both my knowledge and language. I will not waste of my time on math or finding new strategies.

Hopefully I don't need to take 265 questions next time. It will be harder for me to sit there for about 6 hours during breast feeding new baby.

I will let you know my plan works or not after I take the exam again.

If you want to study together I mean making a study group online. Please let me know. Good luck for both of us.


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Where do I see the grades I got for the nclex? I only got a letter saying I passed but I would like to see what you guys are talking about.

Where can I see how I scored in different aspect of the nclex?


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Sorry, I don't know. Maybe because you passed, so you don't have analysis page.

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Where do I see the grades I got for the nclex? I only got a letter saying I passed but I would like to see what you guys are talking about.

Where can I see how I scored in different aspect of the nclex?

The report is only issued to those who do not pass the NCLEX so that they know what their area(s) of weakness are. Those that pass had to be above passing standards in all areas. Those that don't pass get a letter that state which areas they were near passing standard, above passing standard, or below passing. One must be above in all areas to successfully pass the NCLEX.


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Thank you.

Thanks for posting your words of encouragement. I also took my nclex recently and find out from pvt that i didn't pass. I don't know what to do and it's my 3rd try. I still believe that i can pass the nclex and that's why i keep on trying. My family said maybe it's not for me but in my heart i believe this profession is for me. I am also a graduate from the other country back in 2009. I feel frustrated, grieving but i don't want to show it to my husband and my daughter that deep inside i am sad and in pain because of the result. May God help us achieve our dream to become an RN.

hi athesenar,

how are you?? I'm also sorry for late reply...i was little bit busy... want to tell you that me also completed my degree from other country and completed my degree in 2008... got all result as near the passing line in all categories.... get only one calculation question in my real exam and lots of sata questions...

i used

saunders 4 ed

kaplan q trainer

kaplan q bank

ncsbn 3 week

i was getting good percentage in all these but i don't know what happens in the exam.... at last after reminding all i concluded that i didn't study PDA book and i got lots and lots of priority questions so i have to read it and do questions of this book....

can you tell me abt 35 pages useful information what is that and can you send me the link????

yes i want to start study again with you..... shall we???

if yes then give me your email so that we can have contact with each other....

waiting for your reply...

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