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Took my NCLEX yesterday with 265q!!!!

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Took my Nclex yesterday for the second time again with 265q!!!! I was exhausted at the end, but tried being calm...I had a lot of all that applies, had 2 cardiac strips, 3 pictures, and most were priority questions which pt. will you see first. I AM HORRIFIED TO FIND OUT THE RESULTS!!!! Tried doing the Pearson trick and i got a pop up, BUT it says something different :( It says "the results are on hold, candidate can not register at this time"..does that mean I failed!!??? Please give me some thoughts...


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It's neither the good nor the bad pop-up. It means your results are on hold. It will change eventually, when a pass/fail determination is made. Good luck!

Don't fret! I got 175 questions and thought that was exhausting. I can only imagine how you feel. If you get all 265, then it's an average of the final 100 or so questions. So that may take longer to calculate?