took the nclex today


i am an "A" student from an ADN program with a previous BA. I have to say the nclex was the hardest test of my life. I don't know what could have prepared me for this test except for take questions, a lot of hard questions. My friends who took it this week told me to study this, study that, none of which was really on the test. What people say are true, study infection control and priority and delegation, but i feel like i didnt even get a ton of those questions. I did the LaCharity book. I did ATI. I took questions out of Saunders. I read the kaplan book and took questions from that. I took questions from the princeton review book. I got questions on a lot of random diseases and a lot of random medications. I did not know any of it. I was taking educated guesses on every question. I took around 75q. (i turned off the counter so i wouldn't hyperventilate). I am getting the good pop-up so i am feeling ok. my best advice is have a good knowlege base (ATI) then practice your test taking strategies (kaplan is good for that). I think my test taking abilities is what got me through. Good Luck!


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Good luck with your official results.