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MAN!! I took the NCLEX PN today and it was REALLY BAD!!! I don't see how I could possibly have passed that thing! I don't want to scare anybody out there who hasn't taken it...but I really didn't expect it to be as hard as it was. We got a book & CD during our school to study and it really didn't help.

If anyone has any good material on the test, please share it. The test taking strategies were more helpful than anything.

Say a prayer for me guys, I sure don't want to have to do that again.:eek:


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P.S.... I took the test in less than an stopped for me after 75 questions, but like I said, I don't feel like I got any of it right.

Anybody know anything about what that could mean? It stopping so soon? I was thinking "WAIT.... I'm not done, give me some more so I have a chance to fix it!! URGHHHH!!!


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Ok, I went home crying. I mean crying! But from what I understand when the thing shuts off when you passed. I can't remember how many questions I had. I "think" mine went off at 105 questions, and those days waiting for the answer were hard. I just remember thinking "Did I learn this?....I must be guessing on all these questions right now". But I passed.

I found out my results within three days by checking on-line through the state.

So take it from someone who went home couldn't have done that bad. When it's something that we desprately want we always have that sinking feeling until we can see it with our own eyes. Everyone I had talked to said the same thing......You passed, we all think we failed when we took ours.

So congrads on passing the test!


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Lordy, I hope you're right, thanks for the "good word"...I'll be able to check online in a couple of days too. I have friends who will be taking theirs in a few days and I don't even want to talk to them cause I'm in no mood tonite to be encouraging.

Thanks for the support, a friend and I rode together to take the test and both of us felt like we were going to throw up when we left!



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I am going to be taking in hopefully within the next month. How do you check online?

I have heard just about everyone that took it come out saying that they think they failed it and so far none of them have, sure hope I'm not the first.


When I walked out of taking the nclex-pn it felt as if someone I knew died! The computer shut off on me on question 80. I thought I bombed it but then in a couple of weeks I got my envelope that said I passed. Just remember the questions get harder as you pass the one prior, then when you miss one it goes to an easier question. That is why you feel like you did bad. We had to watch a video on taking them back at school. I wouldn't worry you prob passed. Remember what Tom Petty said, "Waiting is the hardest part.":roll :roll


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You can check in some states online to check your exam through the State Board of Nursing. Arkansas does this on their website, its a way for them to may a few more bucks, cause here they charge you $5.50 to search and tell you your results. They only charge you if they find your results.

I don't know if every state does this, but I think most of them probably do.


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I think here in Illinois we have a 900 number you can call. I guess you would have to use a credit card to do the online thing?



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I remember that feeling soooo well! My test shut off at 75 questions and I just knew I had failed! I had to wait several weeks to get my results, the longest time in the world. The good news was I had passed! The computer turns off when it has reached either a passing score at the minimum number of questions (75) or it has given you enough questions to know that you cannot pass. I know that that is not helpful, but everyone who took the test with me felt the same way you do, and they all passed. Personally I bet you did great! Remember we are all our own worst critic! Let us know what happens!


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From what it sounds like that there is no clear answer...I've heard that it shuts off at 75 and people pass, and I've also heard that it has gone to 105 and people pass. So don't worry until you get your results...

Good luck!


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:biggringi I MADE IT!!!! Guess you guys were right, I worried for nothing. All of my friends who have taken it so far that cut it off early, like at 85 passed, but the company that administers the test says that the length of the exam has nothing to do with pass/fail grades.

I am just so thankful that it's over and I don't have to retake it.

Thanks guys, for all your encouragement.


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Have a long and happy new career!



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