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Hi everyone! I took my NCLEX Thursday! The computer shut off at 265 questions and I am so worried! Those test questions were nothing like the question and answer books I had! I couldn't use ABC's, or maslows chart. All my test taking skills couldn't work or apply to this test. I had alot of psych questions and alot of med surg! Maybe 2 or 3 drugs. My questions were wordy! I walked out of that building so frustrated and angry. I don't think I passed at all! I live in Mississippi and we have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for our results and the more I think about that test, the more I think I failed. Two other girls went with me to take it and the computer shut off on one of them at 75 questions and the other girl 208. I'm hoping there are some other people out there who can tell me whether they passed or failed at 265.

Worried sick!




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I have not taken the NCLEX-RN yet, but hope i can make you feel a little better. When students take the NCLEX, they are guinea pigs when they have that many questions. Many of the questions above 75 do not count towards, or against you. They use many of those questions to see if they are valid, ie if you have 1 question with for answers, and 25% of students select A, 25% of students B, C, D etc, then it is not a very valid question. They also use many of the questions as a reportable ratio for nursing schools, to give the schools an idea of what students know well, and what areas the schools might need to cover better. I sure hope you can relax a little, having a test with more questions does not mean that you did poorly :)


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number of questions do not have any bearing on whether or not you passed.

in addition, the questions above 75 do count. 1 out of every 10 a research type see what you know, and decide whether or not it is appropriate for the nclex.

i knew people who failed at 75, and at over 250. i also know people that have passed at 75, and over 250.

the computers to decide whether or not you clearly passed. if it's will keep going. :)

smile chin up be happy and you'll be fine!


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I know it's hard, but R-E-L-A-X. I also lived in Mississippi when I took boards (took NCLEX in TN, though) and that was the longest 3 weeks of my life. I had 85 questions (minimum for NCLEX-PN) and I really felt bad after I took boards. I graduated with excellent grades, but two of my closest friends failed their test and that made me so nervous. I hope you had great success. Let us know how you did!

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Here are some NCSBN Web pages for clarification of how CAT for NCLEX works. Please read them and pass the information on!!! Some of the rumors can be very scary for some. Once the computer has determined a competency level (pass/fail), it shuts off, whether you have taken 75 questions, 265 questions, or anywhere in between. Additionally, I understand your frustration. When I walked in I felt confident, and later not so confident. However, I passed. My hope is the the same for you and everyone! I agree, the waiting is the hardest part. Best wishes and prayers for you! :)



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I haven't taken the nclex yet, but will this coming yr. Thanks Cardiolo for posting those site, they made the NCLEx scoring a lot easier to understand:)


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You're welcome janleb ;)

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