Took NCLEX RN today!!


I walked into the testing area telling myself that it was just another test, not the NCLEX. I was hoping to take the anxiety out of it. It worked! I stopped at 77 questions. For me this has been a long journey. I've been an LPN for 15 years and have been working on the transition for years. Years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Today I am cancer free but the one thing that kept me going was the goal of completing my degree. I feel good about the test today. I said I wasn't going to do the Pearson trick but of course you know I did! So if it is true, I guess that means I passed. I will believe it when I see it. I wasn't nervous then but I am now!! This is going to be a long weekend.


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Congrats RN!!.. What a strong woman you are!!!...Today was another blessing for you :) I am very happy for you!..I am from FL too..I will be retaking mine in 3 did you prepared?


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I did Kaplan through school, I worked with Saunders (the disc in the book the most). I did find an awesome guy on youtube Michael Linares that has 300+ free videos that were better than what I had in school. He also has a paid site. I like coming up with crazy ideas to remember things, he does it that way too.