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Took the nclex 75q HELP!!

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I took my nclex today after an hour and 15 minutes it shut off ..I had 75Q .. 2 math.. LOTS of priority, pharm , precautions.. I felt like it was SO HARD. This is my second time taking it .. the first time around I got 265 questions .. any thoughts ???? I'm freaking out how cold I go from 265 to 75 and fail !?!? Anyone feel as tho they have BOMBED It at 75 and passed ?

Hi, I wrote mine not too long ago. I wrote it for the first time and passed on 88 questions.

I also had a lot of priority and delegation questions, handful of pharm, a few SATA, some precautions, no med calculations, etc. I also thought it was extremely hard and I was sure I had failed that exam. It's normal for many people to leave that exam room feeling defeated! NCLEX is no joke and that's the reality of it.

Right now, you should relax... watch some movies, or do something to keep your mind away from the NCLEX. I waited 13 days for my test result so I was filled with so much anxiety but I just had to keep doing things to distract myself. :)