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Took the NCLEX-PN for 4th time on June 24th.

Nesa520 Nesa520 (New) New Student

I took it at 12 PM in California. I found out my results today just before noon. I also did the Pearson Vue trick after my test and my card declined (bad pop up). I failed. I feel down but I am not gonna give up. I know I can pass. Do not feel discouraged! Just keep trying! I know I will. Already paid for my test, just waiting on my ATT!

You hot this. You finished nursing school so that was the hardest part. You will conquer the NCLEX too. I failed the first attempt also and used Nurse Achieve CAT and did not retake the NCLEX until I consistently scored "pass-pass". Good luck 👍 You can do it 💪