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Took my nclex pn exam last oct 21 2015

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hi im a gradaute of LVN last aug 9 oct 2015 and took my test last oct 21 2015, still waiting for my result i just want to share my experience. 2 days before the test i cant even sleep because of the anxiety about the test, but when the time i was already infront of the computer while testing it was really suprising that i never feel sleepy, thanks god i manage to finish my test and it stopped on 85 question, i got 23 satas ( not even sure if i answered it correctly) , after the test i went straight to my house and sleep. right now i dont even have my test result yet because i live in CA, i tried the pvt trick today ( oct 31 2015 ) and i had a good pop up. ( i am sorry to ask ) is pvt really working? what are the chances i pass my test. sorry i am really not sure if i pass all i did is do my best to answer each question that i have. thanks in advance

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